The White Stork Synagogue

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Since 1847 r. it was in possession of the liberal Jews but in 1872 it was taken by conservatives. Religious rule of separate places for men and women demanded new galleries for women. The renovation took place in 1905 and was performed by Paul and Richard Elrich. They designed Neo-Romantic galleries of reinforced concrete.

During the 9th November 1938 Kristallnacht it was not set on fire because of the close buildings. The Hitlerists used it as a garage and a storehouse.

After World War II the Jewish community reclaimed the temple but in 1966 it was closed because of bad technical state. Two years later all the services in the Synagogue were ceased. The building was in different hands, constantly being devastated. The Jewish community reclaimed it eventually in 1996.

In May 1996 a renovation started and was finished in 2010. Foundation Bente Kahan was deeply involved in the process. Today in the Synagogue many religious events, concerts and shows take place (mat. FBK).


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