Trójkuć Wywiadek

Data utworzenia: 2021-05-31

Trójkuć Wywiadek stands by the Świebodzka Footbridge on Promenada Staromiejska Square, by the Tadek Jasiński Boulevard.

He has headphones on his ears and holds a large microphone in his hand.

What is his story? Polish Radio Channel III awarded Wrocław the Channel Three Seal of Quality on 1 April, on its 53rd birthday. As Magda Jethon, Director of Channel Three, said, Wrocław was distinguished for its “soul, character, beauty and intelligence”. The capital of Lower Silesia is the first city to receive this title. Previously, the Channel Three Seal of Quality had been awarded to albums and books. The city had to repay for the kindness. To that end, a new dwarf appeared in Podwale, as a gift for the listeners of Radio Three and the jury which decided to award the prize to Wrocław.

The name of the dwarf was chosen by fans of Radio Three. Through a competition, it turned out that the best proposal was "Trójkuć Wywiadek", which some people associate with Turkuć Podjadek, one of the largest insects found in Poland. Well, Turkuć may be the biggest, but it's certainly no prettier than our dwarf...


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