Data utworzenia: 2021-05-31

TynQuś – see all Wrocław dwarfs.

He has long earned the title of dwarf of the week, after all he is the one who fixes all crumbling plaster, scratched walls and other structural shortcomings in the dwarf city.

After the authorities of the dwarf city ordered the closure of some entrances to the underworld, it was he who had to implement the regulation of the dwarf council in practice. While doing so, he can be observed by the residents of Wrocław and tourists.

Many people maliciously remark that the dwarf is a bit “tired of his job”, but the dwarfs admit that there are never any problems with him and he always fulfils his duties perfectly. As we have found out, his secret hobby is sculpting.

In the past, he dreamt of a career in arts, but the mundane nature of life forced him to take up a somewhat simpler, but respectable occupation.


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