Umami Dumpling&Pasta Bar

Data utworzenia: 2019-12-17

Umami is one of the five tastes recognised by us. It was discovered and called delicious (umami in Japanese) by Kikunae Ikeda. Check it for yourself

A professor of chemistry at a Tokyo university noticed that konbu – a popular type of algae in Japanese cuisine – has a unique taste.

The substances responsible for its formation occur naturally in many products: mushrooms, cheeses, algae, tomatoes, or various kinds of meat and fish. The long cooking, fermentation, smoking and maturing process enhances umami taste.

Umami produces a long-time appetising sensation filling the entire tongue. It is a full, essential and fleshy taste. It is delicate and multidimensional in itself and harmonises with or even emphasises other tastes. Umami-rich dishes leave a satisfactory feeling in the mouth and have a warming and soothing effect.

We cannot live without umami. If used properly, flour offers unlimited possibilities. Dumplings and pasta are an ideal foundation for UMAMI in our restaurant.

Our menu includes soups, dumplings, meats, fish and pasta, including vegetarian dishes


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