Unicefek the Dwarf

Data utworzenia: 2023-06-14

Unicefek is a dwarf with a big heart who has been helping children around the world for many years.

Unicefek arrived in Wrocław in very sad circumstances. It was in 2022. On the other side of Poland’s eastern border, in Ukraine, a war was going on. Thousands of children had to leave their homes and seek safe refuge in other countries. Many of them came to Wrocław.

When Unicefek found out about this, he immediately packed his cart with food supplies, books, toys, new clothes, school supplies (and much, much more...) and set off for our city. Here, as dwarves usually do – especially those with big hearts – he began to help children.

Thanks to him, playgrounds, schools, kindergartens and nurseries have been created. It should be added at this point that Unicefek became very friendly with the inhabitants of Wrocław (and we got to know each other well, as we helped children from Ukraine together) and wanted to stay with us for longer.

Unfortunately, there are many places in the world where children need help, so he had to move on. However, before he left, a famous dwarf artist had sculpted his faithful likeness so that we would never forget about Unicefek and his great heart.


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