Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant

Data utworzenia: 2022-07-29

Vertigo club and restaurant was opened because of the need of a place where every fan of jazz would feel unique. Almost everyday the club hosts jazz concerts.

Vertigo is located in the basement of the Business Centre Save the World. The main entrance is in Oławska 13, just behind the perfumery. The heart of the club is a black piano Yamaha C2 standing on the scene around which there are tables for guests. In comfortable conditions over 200 people can listen to music there.

The interior is red with the shades of mahogany. On the walls there are pictures of the photographers from Wrocław – Lech Basel, Tomasz Walków and Sławomir Przerwa. In the pictures there are well known jazzmen that visited and gave concerts in Wrocław.


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