Data utworzenia: 2021-06-01

Always smiling and full of energy. A dwarf who is always busy, always has something to do and is always in a hurry to get somewhere.

One of three dwarf ambassadors of the “Wrocław Without Barriers” campaign. The first disabled dwarf who came to the city at the invitation of the Wrocław Disabled Persons' Council.

The dwarf, having engaged in social activities for years, full of energy and enthusiasm, was asked by people to support the “Wrocław without Barriers” campaign. Without a moment's hesitation, he packed his bags and set off for the capital of Lower Silesia.

Since taking on his duties as ambassador, he has become probably the busiest dwarf in the city; cutting ribbons, giving interviews and rushing off to City Council meetings. He always fights to make Wrocław a disabled-friendly city.

Most often we can meet him at the subway on Świdnicka Street, but don’t be surprised if you don’t find him there...


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