Data utworzenia: 2016-01-15

Two big chairs are on the border of Słowackiego Park, opposite to the National Museum. One of them is empty, the other is occupied by a young woman.

Her arms are crossed on her chest, she looks impatient. It is “Waiting” (Oczekiwanie), one of the most popular sculptures in the open air in Wrocław.

The awaiting woman has her hair in a bun and large glasses. She is waiting but she is not looking at the person who is to come and sit beside her. She is irritated that this ‘someone’ is late.

The passers-by, tourists and pedestrians gladly sit in the free, comfortable chair. What is more, the woman and the chairs are arranged in such way as to encourage people to sit.

“Waiting” was created in 1979, it is a mutual project of two artists from Wrocław: Anna Malicka Zamorska and Ryszard Zamorski. It has been in Słowackiego Park since 1980. The sculpture is made of ceramics burnt in 700˚ C.


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