Water Lovers – „Wodniacy”

The mission of Water Lovers is to create a boom in water culture in Wroclaw and to professionalise the local market.

Water Lovers (Wodniacy). Their mission is to create a boom in water culture in Wroclaw and to professionalise the local market. Motorboat training courses, popularisation of the Oder culture, romantic cruises and safe fun on the water.  Planning your time with the offer of Water Lovers will allow you to experience unforgettable moments in the company of your loved ones. It is an ideal choice for those who look for interesting experiences and exclusive new water equipment! A motorboat course for everyone Among training courses for the motorboat helmsman’s certificate in Wroclaw, Water Lovers’ offer is particularly outstanding. It is the only motorboat course conducted on the newest motor yacht with a power of 150 HP!

Despite the best training equipment, Water Lovers guarantee safe and effective sailing. The theoretic part is an in-house interactive online course compatible with every computer and smartphone. The practical part, lasting all day long, will ensure adequate preparation for the examination for the motorboat helmsman’s certificate, which is also included in the Water Lovers’ comprehensive offer! Be independent and set a route by yourself! Experience the beauty of the Oder in Wroclaw A cruise on a comfortable motorboat will allow you to discover a completely different side of Wroclaw.

A new motorboat built in 2020 and an experienced helmsman guarantee comfort, safety and beautiful views with a dose of healthy adrenalin. Cruises around Wroclaw in a yacht of such class certainly please the eye with the charm of this fantastic city and leave beautiful photos and memories! Floating Doughnut – an ideal choice for a hen party and a stag party in Wroclaw The Doughnut is an exceptional boat that will contain up to 10 persons and can be steered by anyone. It is difficult to find a better idea for a hen party, a stag party or any other kind of party in Wroclaw.

You can play your music through Bluetooth audio equipment. Possibility of catering on the water. A very easy-to-use and unique-looking boat is a treat for those who dream of a party on the water in Wroclaw.


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