Więzień or Więziennik (Prisoner)

Data utworzenia: 2021-06-01

Day after day he is stuck behind the thick bars in Więzienna Street. A heavy crutch is attached to his leg. What is he in for?

This case is lost in the darkness of history. Sources give different versions of the events that led to his imprisonment. He was reportedly punished for the anarchistic offence of shaving his beard, which is not befitting of any self-respecting dwarf. Others believe he was once called Leniuszek (Lazyboy) and was sentenced when he overslept for the annual meeting of Wrocław's dwarfs. However, the truth is that his crime was great gluttony.

Więzień (known at the time as Pasibrzuch - Glutton) and Pierożnik were once best friends. Both came to Wrocław lured by the incomparable taste of the local pierogi (dumplings).  They knew how to pick them from unsuspecting tourists. However, their paths diverged when Pasibrzuch ate dumplings belonging to his friend.

Stealing food from the Big People is not considered reprehensible but just an innocent hobby among dwarfs. However, stealing from another dwarf is a serious crime. The Wrocław tribe is a fairly tolerant family that believes in improvement. That's why Pasibrzuch was sentenced to community service - his job was to look after containers of soured milk. As is well known, sour milk is made when dwarfs pee into it.

It turned out that this task was beyond his capabilities. He drank all the milk, causing the dwarfs to fail in one of their basic duties. Finally, the Dwarf Council decided to lock him behind bars in Więzienna Street.

He is still there to this day, and hardly anyone remembers his original name. It can only be found in dusty court records. Everyone knows him as Więzień, i.e. Prisoner. However, he still has a huge appetite, his favourite treat is cake with a filing tool hidden inside.


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