Main Railway Station

Data utworzenia: 2022-07-29

After the renovation before EURO 2012 a new car park was built , the façade was renewed and commercial points were opened inside. On the ground floor there are restaurants, cafés and shops of popular brands.

The main building was constructed in the years 1855’1857 to the design of Wilhelm Grapov. In the 200-metre long hall there was one platform and a few customer service points. The railway was developing fast so in the end of the 19th century the station was expanded.

The modernisation took place in the years 1899-1904. The rails were moved to the southern part of the platform hall and the platform were elevated for 4-5 metres. At the same time the trestle was being built in the western part of Wrocław. Today in Bogusławskiego Street there are many popular bars.

The new building had four platform - two platforms for passengers and two for luggage. A big hall made of glass was built over it. Apart from the roof, another platform was constructed. The then platform hall became a hall for passenger service with ticket offices, restaurants, waiting rooms and luggage room. During the siege of Festung Breslau the station was not damaged severely. The first passengers could use it in June 1945.

In the postwar history of the building there are also dramatic events. On the 8th January 1967 a famous actor, Zbigniew Cybulski, tried to jump into the running train but fell under it. On the 3rd platform there is a memorial tablet of that accident.


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