Wrocław Horse Racing Track Partynice

Data utworzenia: 2016-01-15

The Track in Partynice, designed by R. Jürgens from Hamburg, was opened in 1907, on the 75th anniversary of Silesian Horse Breeders and Horse Racing Association. Partynice replaced the track in Szczytniki.

The most important runs that take place in Partynice - Great Wrocław Run (Wielka Wrocławska - 5 y. o. horses, obstacles, 5000 m) with 175 thousand zloty and Great Partynicki Run (Wielka Partynicka - 4 y. o. horses, hurdles, 4200 m ) with 105 thousand zloty and 4 runs of A category: Lira - Oaks Prize, President of Wrocław Award (4 y. o. horses, 2400 m), Ruten Prize (3 y. o. horses, 2600 m) and Constelation Prize (3 y. o. mares, 2400 m).

In Partynice (Wrocławski Tor Wyścigów Konnych) there are also family picnics, dog competitions and other events.   


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