Wrocław Festival 2017

The city of Wrocław has celebrated its festival on Saint John’s Day for 28 years now. No matter whether you are a local or visitor, fee free to join us for a variety of attractions.

The programme provides for several dozen open-air events, concerts, exhibitions and meetings. The festival comes to a climax with a ceremonial sitting of the Wrocław City Council.


10th–11th June Quijoteando Spanish Culture Festival

  • 10th June, 15.00. Musical fiesta: concerts and dance shows featuring: Julieta González Springer, El Niño Soto, Kumbia Mać
  • 11th June, 12.00. !Viva la comida! Don Quijote workshop for children: shared cooking and a Spanish feast for the residents of Wrocław

Venue: Square in front of the Spanish Bookshop in Zaułek Solny
Organised by: Fundacja Libros Libres

11th June Neighbourhood Choir Festival

Time: 13.00
Venue: Bakara Community Centre, ul Różana 4
Organised by: Ostinato Choir, Ołbin District Council

16th–18th June CYRKOPOLE Circus and Street Festival

Lighting installations, workshops, animations, shows from circus art masters, street shows, circus and theatre performances.


  • 17th June, 12.00. Start at the CIRCUS VILLAGE / STREET ART SHOWS / Circus Village / Rynek, Psie Pole / Stara Kawiarnia
  • 17th–18th June, 14.00-17.00: Admission free. Clap Clap Circo; Łukasz Witkowski; Pan Ząbek/ CIRCUS VILLAGE circus workshops and animations for families, street theatre performances, open leisure area
  • 17th–18th June, 12.00-22.00 PERFORMANCES at CBK FAMA
  • 16th June, 19.00. A City that Never Was. An Open Rehearsal. Kolektyw Kejos. Admission free (upon prior registration)
  • 17th June, 19.00. The Baina Trampa Fritz Fallen, Le G. Bistaki. Tickets at the CBK FAMA ticket office.
  • 18th June, 19.00. Pitagoras 3D – Kejos presentation
  • 17th–18th June 2017, 12.00-18.00. CRAFTS FESTIVAL, stands featuring local produce and craft works

Organised by FAMA Library and Culture Centre

16th–18th June Wrocław Festival – Kuźniki Festival (neighbourhood fair)

Time: 14.00–22.00
Venue: ul Sarbinowska 10 (sports facilities at Primary School No. 37)
Organised by: Kuźniki District Council, Primary School No. 37, Middle School No. 9

16th/25th June: WrocLove Fest – Wrocław Festival 2017 – LIVE

Summer Kick-off at the Zajezdnia History Centre, ul Grabiszyńska 184

  • 19th June, 20.00. A2 Congress Centre, ul Góralska 5, FLOGGING MOLLY (USA)

Włodkowica Street Festival – I Love Wlodkowica St.!

  • 22nd June, 20.00. Stara Piwnica Music Club, ul Krupnicza 15 beer garden behind the moat, ŻYWIOŁAK, PERCIVAL SCHUTTENBACH, CZTERORÓG
  • 23rd June, 18.00. White Stork Synagogue, KLEZMAFOUR
  • 23rd June, 19.00. Former Franciscan Monastery (courtyard), ul Włodkowica 15–17,
  • 23rd June, 23.00–00.00. Promenade by the moat; Midsummer Night’s rituals: drummer’s parade, throwing garlands to the river, fire show
  • 23rd June,.23.59–3.00. Stara Piwnica Music Club, ul Krupnicza 15; GOORAL VERA PAVLOVIC
  • 24th June, 18.00–22.00 Former Franciscan Monastery (courtyard), ul Włodkowica 15–17, Spragnieni Lata Concert
  • 24th June, 15.00. White Stork Synagogue – courtyard, BALKAN FOLK ACOUSTIC + guests, Balkan and Jewish dance workshop
  • 24th June, 22.00. White Stork Synagogue, KAPELA ZE WSI WARSZAWA
  • 24th June, 22.30–1.00 Stara Piwnica Music Club, ul Krupnicza 15, SONAR + guests
  • 25th June, 17.00–21.00. Former Franciscan Monastery (courtyard), ul Włodkowica 15-17; closing of the Wrocław shanty season – MECHANICY SHANTY, BANANA BOAT, 4 REFY, W STRONĘ PORTU
  • 25th June, 21.00 – 00.00. Stara Piwnica Music Club, ul Krupnicza 15

Closing of the Wrocław shanty season


  • 25th June, 15.00. White Stork Synagogue (courtyard), KAPELA TIMINGERIU, VRATCH, CHUDOBA
  • 25th June, 20.00. White Stork Synagogue, KAYAH & TRANSORIENTAL ORCHESTRA

Organised by: Association for the Encouragement of Cultural Initiative "NASZE MIASTO WROCŁAW"

16th–30th June Wrocław singers and their stories – open-air exhibition

Venue: plac Solny
Organised by: Fundacja Paliwo Artystyczne; paliwo.artystyczne@gmail.com

16th–30th June Wrocław singers and their stories – open-air exhibition

19th June, 12.00. Sneak preview and presentation of the awards
Venue: ul Oławska, by the fountain
Organised by: Fine Arts Academy in Wrocław

17th June 5. PKO Wrocław Night Half Marathon

Associated events: open-air cinema at the Olympic Stadium Complex, PKO Evening Family Run (start at 20.00 at the main gate). Marathon start: 22.00
Venue: Olympic Stadium
Organised by: Wrocław Youth Sports Centre

17th June, Neighbourhood Fair for Grabiszyn-Grabiszynek, Gajowice, Przedmieście Świdnickie, Osiedle Staromiejskie

Neighbourhood exchange, neighbourhood choir shows, a live show from Kaman/Konikiewicz (20.00) and many other attractions.
Time: 11.00
Venue: ODA FIRLEJ, ul Grabiszyńska 56
Organised by: FIRLEJ Centre for Art Initiative

17th–24th June: 10. Culture Kaleidoscope Festival “Visitors like Locals"

Surowiec, ul Ruska 46a

  • 17th June, 13:00. TARTAR FAIRYTALES featuring Tartar children’s stories by Musa Czachorowski; visual arts workshop

Słodowa Island:

  • 24th June, 12.00–19:00 OPEN-AIR CONCERT AND PICNIC - shows from ethnic and national minority ensembles, presentations featuring handicraft, traditional cuisine and activities for children. Guests: vocal and dance ensembles from Odessa, Ukraine.

Klub Stary Klasztor, ul Purkyniego 1

  • 24th June, 20.00 CLUB CONCERT – Łemko Blue Grass Band with a programme featuring Carpathian boogie, which is Lemko blue grass and Hutsul blues rolled into one.

Organised by: Culture Kaleidoscope

18th and 25th June: "Tesla vs Edison – Plugged or Unplugged" show from Bajkobus

  • 18th June, 12.00. Południowy Park
  • 25th June, 15.00. Old Town Garden

Organised by: Wrocław Puppet Theatre

21st June: “Beautiful Wrocław" concluding 27. edition of the competition for the best architectural project 2016

Time: 14.00 sneak preview featuring winning projects, presentation of the awards and a lecture by Z. Maćków “A City by the City"
Venue: Architecture Musuem, ul Bernardyńska 5
Organised by: Wrocław City Office, Wrocław Enthusiasts’ Association


Exhibition featuring floral compositions and a lecture on historical Wrocław gardens.

  • 22nd June, 12.00 Royal Palace, a tour of the Baroque Royal Palace Garden.
  • 23rd June, 12.00 Town Hall, the opening of an exhibition featuring floral compositions inspired by the famous Renaissance Garden of Laurentius Scholtz

Organised by: Wrocław City Museum; Lily Enthusiasts’ Association of Lower Silesia

23rd June Gifted Wrocław Performs in Great Island (7th edition)

MARTIJN KRALE and the winner of 14. Wrocław Musical Form Festival
Time: 18.00
Venue: green areas by ODT Światowid (Sępolno, ul Ks. Brzóski)
Organised by: Światowid Centre for Creative Initiative

23rd–25th June 10. High Temperatures Festival

Shows, workshops, exhibitions, competitions, lectures on ceramic, glass and metal arts

  • 23rd June, 15.00
  • 24th and 25th June, 12.00–23.00

Venue: Fine Arts Academy (main building and garden), ul Traugutta 19/21
Organised by: Fine Arts Academy in Wrocław

23rd–24th June Underwater Festival Wrocław 2017

The showcase of Wroclaw's emerging art, including photography, painting and graphic art, installations, fashion shows, multimedia presentations, films, workshops for children and a number of concerts by bands from Wroclaw and elsewhere.

  • 23rd June, 18.00–23.59
  • 24th June, 11.00–23.59

Organised by: Fundacja Erdo
Venue: Browar Mieszczański, ul Hubska 44

23rd–24th June Plays and Games from Communist Poland – family fair

Plays and games from Communist Poland: hopscotch, rubber band rope jumping, wire rope jumping, dodgeball, badminton, pétanque, bottle cap race, blind man’s buff, hacky sack, roller skating, visual arts workshop for children. Saturday, 20.00: a bonfire and a dance party.

  • 23rd June, 12.00–19.00
  • 24th June, 10.00–19.00

Venue: Zajezdnia History Centre, ul Grabiszyńska 184
Organised by: Remembrance and Future Centre

23rd–24th June Floral Festival and 4. Odrzańska Street Festival

Floral exhibitions, a lecture, a tour of hydro power plant, a tour of Saint Elizabeth’s Church, a guided walk in Odrzańska Street

  • 23rd June, 11.00-17.00
  • 24th June, 11.00-14.00

Venue: ul Odrzańska and “Małgosia" House
Organised by: Wrocław Enthusiasts’ Association, Oder Enthusiasts’ Club

23rd–24th June "Zielono mi" Wrocław Festival at Różanka

  • 23rd June, 19.00-21.00. “Amazonia. Przygody małpki Sai" [The Amazon. The Adventures of Saja the Monkey"] a green evening programme for children
  • 24th June, 15.00–22.00. Live shows from ŜANĜO Zmiana Wibracji Ziemi and Rhiannon Celtic Band, a vegetarian cooking workshop from Chwastożercy, wroclaWianki floral workshop, “Flower Sermon" exhibition, the construction of an urban garden, a plant shelter, “In Search of the Karłowice Flower" location-based game, tree decoration, a green family picnic and dance show.

Venue: an area in front of the Agora Community Centre
Organised by: AGORA Community Centre

23rd, 24th, 25th June Voice Lab

A vocal and theatre workshop celebrating urban space
Moderator: Mariae Śmiarowska

  • 23rd June, 18.00–21.00
  • 24th June, 15.00–18.00
  • 25th June, 15.00–18.00

Participants are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Register online at: info@opt-art.net
Venue: Creative Attitudes Centre, ul Działkowa 15
Organised by: Creative Attitudes Centre

23rd–25th June Eastern Poland Culture Festival

Concerts by dance and vocal children’s and youth ensembles representing Polish diaspora communities in Ukraine and Belarus (detailed programme at www.ckwz.art.pl
Organised by: Wrocław-Zachód Community Centre, www.ckwz.art.pl
Lvov and South-eastern Borderland Enthusiasts Association, Wrocław Branch

24th June 10. Papal Canoeing Event

Time: 11.00–16.00
Venue: River Oder near Church Island
Organised by: “Kapok" Wrocław Inclusive Canoeing Club and Wrocław Enthusiasts’ Association

24th June Wrocław Festival 2017 – Street Art Festival

An exhibition of ceramic art, a guided tour of the mural, a workshop in ceramic art, an open-air workshop in visual arts.

Time: 13.00
Venue: ul Roosevelta 5a
Organised by: Fundacja OK. Art.

24th June Bookowisko Book and Graphic Art Fair

Klub PROZA (Przejście Garncarskie 2)

  • Bookowisko, 11.00–17.00, Przejście Garncarskie
  • 20.00 , LAPTOP ENSEMBLE – live. Line-up: Stanisław Krupowicz – Tylko Beatrycze [Only Beatrice] for computers (1988), 18’, Marcin Rupociński - d’Coding John for computer trio (2009), 18’, Marcin Bortnowski - Four Quartets for computer trio (2009), 20’

Organised by: Wrocław House of Literature

24th June Exhibition – Olga Nowicka’s Watercolours

Time: 16.00 Sneak preview
Venue: Music and Literature Club, pl Kościuszki 10
Organised by: Music and Literature Club

24th June Summer Solstice at Zamek

Midsummer night’s traditions, a workshop in Slavic arts and crafts, garland weaving, concerts, shows, OVO vocal workshops. Registration: info@zamek.wroclaw.pl Time: 15.00–23.00
Venue: "Zamek" Culture Centre and Leśnica Park, pl Świętojański 1
Organised by: Zamek Culture Centre

24th–25th June Wrocław Festival 2017 – "Viva Wrocław"

  • 24th June, 16.00. Blind artists in concert.
  • 25th June, 11.00. “Szewczyk Dratewka" theatre show by Teatr "Trójkąt".
  • 17.00. "Chodu i hop" by Teatr Loch Camelot from Kraków, for adults.

Venue: CK Zachód, ul Chociebuska 4-6
Organised by: Wrocław-Zachód Culture Centre; www.ckwz.art.pl

24th June

Ceremonial Session of the Wrocław City Council

The session will be preceded by a parade from the council members and visitors across the Market Square. Time: 11.15 at Saint Elizabeth’s Church

Solemn Mass in the intention of the residents of Wrocław

Time: 18.30
Venue: Saint John the Baptist’s Cathedral Organised by: Wrocław City Council Bureau

24th June Wrocław Festival at Kontury Kultury "Culture Café

Featuring an open-air show called "Tuwim Julek – Para Buch, Frazy w Ruch" from the “Mała Mi" Itinerant Puppet Theatre and associated events, including theatre workshops and activities for children
Time: 14.00–22.30
Venue: ul Jagiellończyka 10a

Organised by: Fundacja Kilo Kultury

24th–25th June 20th Anniversary of 46. International Eucharistic Congress in Wrocław

  • 24th June, 20.30. “Covenant" Oratorio by Michał Lorenc
  • 25th June, 20.00 Maleo Reggae Rockers in concert concluding Aleppo Relief in Wrocław and Lower Silesia

Venue: open-air stage on front of the Cathedral
Organised by: Wrocław Archdiocese, ul Katedralna 13/15

24th–25th June "Fire People"

Craftsmen shows: foundry men operating a primitive smelting furnace, blacksmiths, potters firing his works in a kiln, glazers producing glass ornaments and stained glass plates, goldsmiths and tar makers.

Time: 11.00
Venue: City Armoury (courtyard)
Organised: Wrocław City Museum

25th June "Waligóriada" Concert

The concert serves as a tribute to Andrzej Waligórski and Jan Kaczmarek. Featuring: Kabaret ELITA, Aga Damrych, Marta Dzwonkowska, Jerzy Filar, Andrzej Walus, Anna Majkut-Polańska, Aleksander Grotowski, Tadeusz Drozda, students from Andrzej Drozdowski Middle School No. 16 and Jan Kaczmarek School Comlex No. 11. Time: 14.00
Venue: Południowy Park
Organised by: ELITA Artists Management Agency, Borek District Council

Ewa Waplak