Exhibition: Dali, Warhol in Versatile Genius

The exhibition showcases a carefully selected assembly of original works by both artists, contributed from private collections or by foundations focused on preserving their legacy.

Salvadore Dali

Salvadore Dali was an immensely talented son of a notary from the Spanish town of Figueres. He felt at home wherever he went to and was also very lucky in life. As a budding artist, he was very fond of Picasso, whom he later met. This was bound to change his life forever.

He would later deny his fascination with the founder of Cubism. Yet he did draw his lesson for life by shadowing Picasso and other master painters of the Paris bohemia. While in Paris Dali also discovered his fascination with Surrealism. His visionary paintings of the unconscious are so iconic that his name became almost synonymous with Surrealist movement.

Dali was also a master of self-advancement. His fame went well beyond Europe, and his paintings quickly enchanted American collectors. American socialites were outrunning one another in commissioning portraits by Dali, who also designed a celebrated dream sequence for no one but Alfred Hitchcock himself.

Andy Warhol

The Wrocław exhibition also brings a selection of works by Andy Warhol, including a unique private collection depicting his collaboration with record labels: original artworks from LPs by the Rolling Stones, Velvet Underground or Blondie.

For the first time in Poland, the exhibition also brings the one and only work by Warhol to feature his own fingerprint: Speed Skater was made in 1983 on the commission from the International Olympic Committee to celebrate the Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo.

The exhibition is open to the public from Tuesday to Friday between 10 am and 5 pm, and from Saturday to Sunday between 10 am and 6 pm.


  • 40 PLN (regular)
  • 30 PLN (reduced)
  • 18 PLN (groups)


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