10th Europe on the Fork Festival

The beginning of June in Wroclaw brings an annual cooking celebration: the Europe on the Fork festival.

The European feast was first held on 4th June 2009, when Wroclaw celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the first free parliamentary election in Poland. The residents of Wroclaw have embraced it so much that it is now a regular feature in the city’s calendar. The patron of the festival is Robert Makłowicz. A special programme will be dedicated to Piotr Bikont – the originator of the festival, who died last year.

This year’s edition will begin on Wednesday 30th May with a fair of European and regional products, which brings a variety of delicacies for you to taste and buy from all parts of Europe. On Friday 1st June, the Municipal Public Library will invite the youngest gourmets to take part in workshops and meetings with authors of cookbooks on the Children’s Day and Night with a Food Theme in the Library – the meeting will include an overnight stay, shared dinner and breakfast in the library! On the same day, a foodie cinema review Cinematic Europe on the Fork will begin in Wroclaw’s Nowe Horyzonty cinema and will last till Sunday 3rd June. The review will begin with a show and an open-air event on the roof of Hotel Monopol.

10th Europe on the Fork Festival

10th Europe on the Fork Festival

Termin od 30 maja 2018 do 4 czerwca 2018

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Saturday 2nd June is the main day of the festival. During a traditional feast, you will have an opportunity to taste culinary hits from various parts of Europe. On that day, chefs of the Europe on the Fork festival will present most characteristic dishes of ten countries and one region – Lower Silesia! Also on Saturday, the Food Truck and Fine Beer Invasion – a two-day rally of 30 food trucks with the best foods and a choice of best beers brewed by cult craft breweries – will begin in the Mieszczański Brewery. It is a real fiesta for streetfood lovers! The programme offers also many attractions for families, including exhibitions, concerts and workshops. Concerts will also be held in the Wroclaw Market Square – the main day of the festival will be concluded with a performance of the Wroclaw Respect Orchestra, and the star of the evening will be KAYAH. The repertoire will include only hits!

On Sunday 3rd June, the Freedom Picnic will be held at the Pergola near the Centennial Hall. This family event will include a feast on the grass, outdoor attractions for the youngest kids, concerts, and many more features.

The 10th Europe on the Fork Festival will end unusually on Monday 4th June, which is the Freedom Day. On that occasion, the Great Wroclaw Breakfast of Freedom will be held in the Wroclaw Market Square. Robert Makłowicz and the Mayor of Wroclaw Rafał Dutkiewicz invite city inhabitants and tourists to come along and sit at the common table. The programme will include breakfast delicacies, uncontrolled conversations, and recollections of the 1980s.

Join us!

The details of the programme will soon be available at www.smakiwroclawia.pl

Menu, 2nd June


Edward Jany, Daniel Makuch

  • Tafelspitz – a piece of beef boiled in vegetables, served in horseradish sauce
  • Fiakergulasch – beef goulash served traditionally with egg, sausage and pickled cucumber
  • Schnitzel Wiener Art – pork loin schnitzels served with a piece of lemon on a lettuce leaf (prepared on the spot)
  • Sachertorte – a chocolate layer cake served with a smudge of whipped cream


Łukasz Kolibabka, Ryszard Konieczka

  • Panna Cotta – a famous cream dessert served with plums in tea and porto
  • Kabeljauw zoet / Cabillaud sucré aux tomates rôties – sweet cod with baked cocktail tomatoes
  • Balletjes in tomatensaus / Boulettes de viande à la sauce tomate – meat balls in tomato sauce
  • Chocolate Mousse (Belgian Skirting) / Mousse au chocolat (Belgian Skirting)


Damian Jeleń, Grzegorz Chmolowski

  • Boeuf Bourguignon – a French beef stew from the Burgundy region
  • Pâté de foie de poulet
  • Casserole with chicken, tomatoes and chickpea
  • Moules en sauce crémeuse carotte – mussels in cream sauce with carrots
  • Crème brûlée au chocolat blanc – a baked dessert with white chocolate
  • Café liégeois – frozen coffee with ice-cream


Kacper Dyś, Servet Kovaci

  • Avgolemono soupa (Αυγολέμονο σουπά) – lemon broth with orzo
  • Spetsofai (Σπετσοφαι με λουκάνικα) – goulash made of peppers and Greek sausage
  • Gemista (γεμιστά) – a baked tomato stuffed with groats and vegetables and baked peppers stuffed with feta cheese (vegetarian dish)
  • Galaktoboureko (Γαλακτομπούρεκο) – a semolina milk dessert with peaches


Tomasz Harendarz, Grzegorz Korzeniewski

  • Bayerische Schweinshaxe – Bavarian roasted pork knuckle served with sauerkraut, breads and mustard
  • Berliner Luft – raspberry dessert
  • Currywurst – sausage in curry, served with chips
  • Gedeckter Apfelkuchen – an apple pie with crumble and icing


Piotr Zieliński

  • Fiskekaker – fishcakes
  • Bergensk fiskesuppe – Norwegian fish soup
  • Fårikål – mutton with cabbage


Robert Grygiel

  • Sarmele – Romanian cabbage rolls
  • Metitei (Mici) – grilled minced meat roll


Przemysław Bogucki

  • Fisksoppa – fish soup with shrimps, served with crisp breads
  • Biff à la Lindström – beef steak served with hasselback potatoes and sour cream


Agnieszka Hajbura-Michałowska, Damian Kogutiuk

  • Pudding – a traditional dessert served with clove cream
  • Faggot – a baked pork giblet dish served with mashed potatoes and peas
  • Pulled pork burger served with mayonnaise & mustard sauce in a wheat roll
  • English breakfast – a bean and smoked bacon stew


Karol Kuc, Dariusz Kulczycki, Sebastian Witkowski

  • Semifreddo – a traditional dessert with nut & almond brittle and strawberry coulis with martini rosato
  • Panna Cotta – a famous cream dessert served with green tea and pomegranate seeds
  • Ciabatta di Maiale – a sandwich with piglet and dried tomatoes
  • Caponata Bruschetta – a toast with aubergine, courgette, olives, tomatoes, capers and Parmesan cheese


Zbigniew Koźlik, Grzegorz Pomietło

  • Cold soup with quail egg and crayfish
  • Silesian drop of heaven
  • Sudety beef stewed in wine, served in gingerbread sauce and buckwheat dumplings
  • Lettuce with regional Ślubów cheese with onion seed and asparagus, served with vinaigrette sauce with flaxseed oil and nettle
  • Dessert surprise from Arthotel