Tourist Guide Everything you need to know about visiting Wrocław

Travelling to Wroclaw

How to get to the PKS Bus Station +
  • By bus (day services): K, 112, 113, 145, 146, 612, 708, 709, 732
  • By tram: 8, 9, 15, 31, 32 (services 8, 9, 15 suspended due to renovation)
  • By taxi (the taxi rank located in ul Sucha)
Additional information +
  • For the full timetable, please visit PKS connections from Wroclaw. Information on the timetable is available 24/7 at: 703 400 444 (2.58 PLN/min)
  • The PKS Coach Station operates international services to countries such as Great Britain, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, France, Scandinavia and Spain.
  • com services leave from platforms 10, 11 and 14.
  • International services leave from platforms 6, 12, 13 and 14.
  • Wroclaw is a transportation hub where national and European roads converge (5, 94, and 98, A8, E67, and E261), while Bielany Wroclawskie, which are located on the outskirts of the city, serves as a junction for A4, E40 and roads such as 5, 35, 98 and E261.
  • Travellers can bypass the city centre to the west and to the north of the city using the Wroclaw Ring Road. This 22.4-km-long motorway (A8) connects the following junctions: Wroclaw Poludnie, Wroclaw Zachod, Wroclaw Lotnisko, Wroclaw Stadion and Wroclaw Polnoc, where it intersects with S5 (in construction, leading to Poznan). The section comes to an end at the Wroclaw Psie Pole junction, where it converges with S8, serves as an extension of A8 to Lodz, Warsaw and Bialystok.
General information+
  • Wroclaw Airport is located ca. 10 km away from the city centre. 
  • The terminal for passengers is located in ul Graniczna 190.
Access by car+

Take the Wroclaw Ring Road by taking an exit from S8 (if travelling from Warsaw), the National Road No. 5 (if travelling from Poznan), the National Road No. 8 or A4 (to the South of the city).

Access by bus+
  • By day bus services 106 departing every 20 minutes from/to the Main Railway Station and PKS Coach Station.
  • By night bus services 206. 

Check the timetable

Car parks at Wroclaw Airport+

Drivers can use over 1,500 parking spaces located immediately at the terminal, available at 24 PLN per day and 59 PLN for 7-8 days. Hence, using the shuttle service is no longer necessary. Parking fees.

Car rentals+

If you wish to rent a car at the airport, you will find car rental companies at the arrivals. Find out more

  • Arrivals and departures: +48 71 358 13 81
  • Lost luggage: +48 71 358 1387
  • belongings lost at the airport and the terminal: + 48 71 35 81 419


General information+

The Main Railway Station is located in the city centre, 3 minutes away from the PKS Coach Station. The station is open 24/7, excluding the main lobby, which is closed for passengers between 12 am and 4 am. The station is within a walking distance from Wroclaw's Rynek (15-20 minutes on foot). The Railway Station area is one of the largest transportation hubs in Wroclaw.

Access by public transport+
  • By tram: 0L, 0P, 2, 5, 8, 9, 11, 15, 31, 32 (8, 9, 15 services suspended due to renovation);
  • By bus: K, N, 106 (to the airport), 110, 113, 114, 120, 122, 125, 145, 146, 325, 602, 612, 900P, 900L, 910, 708, 709, 732;
  • Night services 240, 241, 243, 245, 246, 247, 249, 250, 251, 253, 255, 257, 259.
Additional services+
  • lockers (8, 12 or 15 PLN) located in the central and side tunnels;
  • café, groceries, bars and sandwich shops, newspapers, cosmetics, currency exchange, fast-food bars, chemist, post office.

A number of national and international bicycle routes converge in Wroclaw:

  • EuroVelo 9– or Amber Route from Gdansk, Poland, to Pula, Croatia, connecting the Baltic with the Adriatic. R-9 runs through Wroclaw, connecting Pawlowice to the north of the city with Psie Pole, Zacisze, Plac Grunwaldzki, Plac Dominikański, Plac Kościuszki, Plac Powstancow Slaskich, al gen. J. Hallera, and leading further to Muchobor Wielki and Krzeptow.
  • The Oder Route, a 313-km-long route that runs through Wroclaw, connects the following places: Chalupki - Raciborz - Kedzierzyn-Kozle - Zdzieszowice - Krapkowice - Opole - Brzeg - Olawa - Wroclaw - Brzeg Dolny - Lubiaz - Prochowice - Scinawa - Glogow - Bytom Odrzanski - Nowa Sol - Bojadla - Krosno Odrzanskie - Klopot - Slubice - Kostrzyn nad Odra. In Wroclaw, the route sometimes forks into the northern and southern sections that run along the two banks of the river. The route diverges in the Wyspa Opatowicka area and converges again at the intersection of ul Milenijna and Legnicka.

Trasa EuroVelo 9, źródło:

Travelling in Wroclaw



Vozilla: Municipal Car Sharing System of Electric Cars -

It is the first electric car rental system of this kind in Poland. Users have 190 Nissan Leaf passenger cars and 10 VAN vehicles at their disposal. Instead of a key, it is enough to use a smartphone.

Important: in order to rent a car in the VOZILLA system, you have to register in it beforehand (for safety purposes, registration in at least one day's advance is recommended).

How does it work?

  • each person who wants to rent a car is required to hold a driving licence. He/she also has to register in the system by means of a mobile app. Booking a car is also possible via
  • when your data are verified and your app is active, you receive information about cars available in the nearest area. You book a car, confirm the rental and the service is ready for use.
  • keys will not be necessary. The app can be used for opening and locking a car. It also allows you to check the battery charge level and the estimated range of the car. If you want to get off for a few minutes, you do not have to terminate your rental. You can choose the parking mode.
  • remember that you do not have to leave the car at a special station; it can be parked at a legal place in a designated area in compliance with road traffic rules. In addition, VOZILLA has designated parking places in the strict city centre.
  • all vehicles available under the VOZILLA Municipal Car Sharing System of Electric Cars are insured.
  • the price per rental of a Nissan Leaf or Nissan eNV200 vehicle in the VOZILLA system: 1 PLN per minute (price per one minute of a ride), 10 groszy per minute (price per one minute of parking).
Public transport+

Wroclaw offers over 60 day bus services and over 10 night services. There are also over 20 tram services available.

Day bus and tram services operate on working days from 5 am to 11 pm and holidays from 6 am to 10 pm. Night services operate between 11.30 pm and 5 am, every half an hour. They depart from the PKS Coach Station (now ul Petrusewicza) to reach other parts of the city.


  • regular services (from 100 to 149),
  • accelerated services (starting with 4) – fares the same as for regular services,
  • suburban services (starting with 6) – fares higher than for regular services,
  • express services (marked with letters) – fares higher than for regular services,
  • night services (from 240 to 259) – fares higher than for regular services.
Fares – prices +

Single (A - adult / S - student)

  • Urban and suburban services: A – 3.00 / S – 1.50,
  • Express and night services: A – 3.20 / S – 1.60,
  • Luggage or pet: 1.50.

Time-limit tickets for all services (A - adult / S - student)

  • 30 minutes: A – 3.00 / S – 1.50,
  • 60 minutes: A – 4.40 / S – 2.20,
  • 90 minutes: A – 6.00 / S – 3.00,
  • 24 hours: A – 11.00 / S – 5.50,
  • 48 hours: A – 20.00 / S – 10.00,
  • 72 hours: A – 26.00 / S – 13.00.
Fares rules +

Passengers travelling with MPK are obliged to hold a single or a time-limit ticket, which can be purchased at designated points or ticket machines. They can be found in the vicinity of bus stops and in MPK vehicles. The latter accept credit cards only (pay pass included).

Single tickets and time-limit tickets must be validated immediately after entering the tram or bus (including those bought in the vehicle).

If the number is on the yellow plate or the timetable at the bus stop is marked in yellow, this means that the route has changed, e.g. due to renovation.

Tickets validated in MPK vehicles are accepted by services whose numbers start with the digit "9", only within the administrative boundaries of Wroclaw.

Railway +

Passengers holding valid MPK tickets are entitled to use railway services within the administrative boundaries of the city.

General information +

Poland has right-hand traffic.

  • Using seatbelts is mandatory (except for pregnant women or people with a relevant certificate).
  • Children under 150 cm in height are not allowed to travel in the front seat without a child restraint. Drivers carrying children without a child restraint will be fined with 150 PLN and 6 penalty points.
Permitted speed in the city +
  • 50 km per hour – during the day in built-up areas; 60 km per hour – in the urban ring road between the intersections with ul Grabiszynska and Szkocka;
  • 60 km per hour – at night in built-up areas (between 11 am and 5 pm);
  • Drivers exceeding the speed limit by 50 km or more may lose their driving license for three months. 

Many streets in the city centre are either one-way streets or excluded from traffic. The city also has metered parking zones, where an hour parking is payable from 1 to 3 PLN. The pricing for each zone is available at the back of parking signs. Parking fees in metered parking zones must be paid in vending machines. You can pay with coins, by phone or by credit card. Parking fees are required from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 6 pm. Metered parking zones are available free of charge on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

NOTE: the machines do not give change. Once you have bought your parking tickets, please remember to place it behind the windshield of the vehicle.

Licensed taxis must have a "taxi" roof light, the "Wroclaw" marking on their side door with a side number, pricing on the windscreen and a taximeter with a cash register inside.

While taxi fares are uniform in the entire city, rates per kilometre are regulated by the City Council and defined as maximum prices. A journey by taxi from the airport to the city centre costs ca. 35 PLN on working days and 60 PLN on public holidays or at night.

Taxi Wrocław

Unroll the list

Wroclaw City Bike +

Wroclaw also has City Bike services. 740 bicycles are available in 74 stations located mainly within the city centre area. The first 20 minutes by City Bike are free of charge. In order to use City Bike services, you need to register with an international system called Nextbike. Regardless of the location, the systems are compatible with one another, which means that their users can ride a bike in any city globally that offers such services, including Wroclaw.

The Wroclaw City Bike manual is has been provided in three different languages (Polish, English and German) and is available here.

Facilities for cyclists +
  • sheltered bicycle racks,
  • developed and innovative cycling infrastructure. A number of ground breaking solutions, including bike boxes, counter-lanes and cycling gates.
Cycling routes +

The city itself can boast of the intriguing Festung Breslau Cycling Route. The route takes you on a journey to the Festung Breslau fortifications.

See also: Cycling map

Useful information

You are not habitually required to tip waiting staff in Poland, but people usually do this in higher end establishments. They usually add an extra 10-15% to the bill.

Wroclaw is one of the warmest cities in Poland. The city enjoys ca. 41 sunny days throughout the year, most of them in September. There are also ca. 206 cloudy days, most of them in November.

In figures:

  • moderate climate with oceanic influences
  • annual rainfall: 620 mm
  • annual mean temperature: 9.1 0C
  • maximum temperature: 35.4 0C
  • minimum temperature: -21.7 0C
  • mean cloudiness (in octants): 5.7
  • mean wind speed: 3.1 m
Miejski Internet network +

Municipal wireless network is now available in over 130 points in the Old Town, Centennial Hall, Wroclaw Airport Terminal, Ostrów Tumski, Reagana Roundabout, Słodowa Island, Aquapark, Main Railway Station, Wroclaw Stadium area or Racławice Panorama. Access to free Wi-Fi is marked with over 150 signs distributed around the city.

Miejski Internet network [MAP]
How to use free Wi-Fi? +
  1. Start the Wi-Fi management application to find networks available in your area.
  2. Choose and connect with the Miejski Internet network (no password is required).
  3. Once you've obtained your network address and received the successful connection notification, you can open your browser and enter a URL address of your choice.
  4. Your connection will be automatically directed to the login page, where you can obtain your access code. The code must be entered in the login window.
  5. Finally, you need to accept the terms and conditions.

After 60 minutes you will lose connection to the radio network, and the browser will be redirected to the login page. To use the free Internet, repeat operations described in Points 5 and 6.


  • alcohol is sold to people over 18 years of age
  • it is prohibited to drink alcohol in public places, especially in parks, in the vicinity of shops and in railway and coach stations
  • it is allowed to drink alcohol in specially designated areas during mass events in beer gardens
  • drunken and disorderly persons will be transferred to a detoxification detention centre

Tobacco and recreational drugs

  • tobacco is sold to people who are over 18 years of age
  • it is prohibited to smoke in public places such as railway stations, airports, public transport, bus stops, hospitals, public offices, restaurants and pubs
  • smoking is allowed in specially designated areas, in isolated rooms in restaurants and in beer gardens

The possession and distribution of drugs is prohibited by Polish law.

Post offices

24-hour post office, Rynek 28

You can send a post card, letter or parcel, etc., collect a money transfer, pick up a shipment, buy postcards, press or tourist brochures..

Stamps. Prices:

  • 2nd class mail up to 50 g - 5 PLN, from 50-150 g - 11.50 PLN
  • priority mail up to 50 g - 6 PLN, from 50-150 g - 9 PLN


  • open from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm

Cash machines

  • located in the majority of the banks and in all shopping centres. Many restaurants and selected shops, especially in the city centre, also accept payments in Euro

Tourist information

During hot summer days you should leave your car, bicycle or bus and switch to a canoe, boat or ship to see Wroclaw from the riverfront perspective. The views are spectacular and yet affordable.

The easiest way to explore the Oder is by canoe, boat or small motorboat. You can also choose from a variety of cruisers. One of the best places to relax are Viarot and Ranczo marinas in ul Na Grobli. Plaża Zoo [Zoo Beach], at the back of the Wroclaw Zoo, where you can both relax and grab a bite to eat.

Find out more about water attractions in Wroclaw

Barbara: infopoint, café, culture is an unique place on the cultural map of Wroclaw. The fundament to create the space was a former „Bar Barbara"- cult place at the Świdnicka Passage. Today Barbara returns as a centre of information about cultural events in Wroclaw, a meeting place, cooworking space for thoughts and ideas exchange and a café. It is a space for creative activities, such as exhibitions, concerts, screenings and meetings with artists.

All the informations about cultural events can be sought in infopoint, where specially trained team encouraging (both in Polish and English) to participate in the various events, help in handling with specially designed multimedia screens and distributing handouts, booklets and maps.

Learn more about Barbara

You can also use professional guides while in Wroclaw. Or take a ride in a golf buggy. Throughout the entire summer season (usually from mid-June to mid-September) the Wroclaw PTTK City Guides' Association and the Wroclaw City Office organise free summer guided tours for both the residents and the visitors. Join us each Saturday and Sunday at 10 pm by the Fredro Monument. Each tour is designed to bring you closer to history, architecture, urban cultural fabric and the biographies of people who were either born or lived in Wroclaw. The offer is suitable for families and also has more specialised options. The tours are also available in English and German to attract foreign visitors.

Wroclaw also offers Free Walking Tours with certified guides. Fees are paid on a voluntary basis.

Trips with a guide

Basic information

Poland is located in the very heart of Europe, at the crossroads of many important transit routes, and with access to the Baltic Sea. This fosters the economy, commerce and international relations of various kinds.

Polish people are friendly and hospitable. They keep up with progress to build the country's modern economy while fostering Poland's cultural heritage and its natural environment.

Poland is a veritable treasure trove of attractions, both natural and anthropological. It abounds in virtually everything, including Alpine landscapes, wide sandy beaches, pristine lakes and primeval forests. World class architecture, intriguing museums, contemporary art galleries and concert halls. Swimming pools, horse racing clubs, discos and night clubs.

By courtesy of the Poland Convention Bureau (Polish Tourist Organisation).

Wroclaw (municipal commune with poviat rights) is the capital city of Lower Silesia. Located on the Oder River, the city is unique in that it has 12 islands and 112 bridges. The very heart of the city attracts visitors with its Old Town Promenade (running along the former city moat) and Botanical Gardens (in Ostrów Tumski). Visitors can also admire the leafy waterfront from cruisers and gondolas, which are one of Wroclaw's many tourist attractions. Another key attraction is the fantastic multimedia fountain to be found in Szczytnicki Park.

Wroclaw is also a business-friendly city. Wroclaw Airport is constantly expanding its network of connections while improving the quality of its services. Direct railway connections with cities in the Czech Republic, Germany and Ukraine are also available. The city's favourable location at the crossroads of European transport routes and its attractive infrastructure, which has lately been expanded with the Regional Business Tourism Centre, attract academic and business conferences and congresses.

Key events +

The city has been visited many times by crowned heads and country leaders, and it also attracts numerous sports events and European or global congresses.

Some of the momentous events in the city's history:

  • World Congress of Intellectuals in Defence of Peace (1948),
  • 46. International Eucharistic Congress (1997)
  • Wroclaw Millennium (2000),
  • Weimar Triangle Summit (2003),
  • European Regions and Cities Summit (2005),
  • Futurallia International Entrepreneurs' Forum (2006),
  • Eurobasket (2009),
  • Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championship (2010)
  • Global Forum (2010),
  • European Culture Congress (2011),
  • European Football Championship Euro 2012,
  • European Volleyball Championship Euro 2014,

Throughout 2016, Wroclaw, together with the Spanish city of Donostia-San Sebastian, is holding the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture. This is the most recognisable EU cultural initiative. In 2017, Wroclaw will be hosting The World Games, an international tournament series in non-Olympic sports held under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee, a year after each edition of the Summer Olympic Games.

Basic information on the location, climate and environment +
  • location: centre of the Silesian Lowlands 51 07 ' northern lat. 17 02 ' eastern long.
  • number of inhabitants: 612 373 people (as of 31.12.2015)
  • surface area:
  • highest point in the city 155 metres asl (Maślice)
  • lowest point in the city 105 metres asl (Pracze Odrzańskie)
  • moderate climate with oceanic influences
  • annual rainfall: 620 mm
  • annual mean temperature: 9.1 0C
  • maximum temperature: 35.4 0C
  • minimum temperature: -21.7 0C
  • mean cloudiness (in octants): 5.7
  • mean wind speed: 3.1 m
  • length of the Oder within the city: 26 km

In 2018, there are 114 non-working days, including weekends and public holidays.

Wroclaw celebrates its holiday on 24th June, on the day of Saint John the Baptist – the patron of the Wroclaw cathedral and one of the two patrons of Wroclaw alongside Blessed Ceslaus.

In 2019, there are 114 non-working days, including weekends and public holidays.

Which days are public holidays in 2018? +
  • 1st New Year’s Day, Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • 6th Three Kings’ Day (Epiphany)
  • 1st Easter
  • 2nd Easter Monday
  • 1st International Workers’ Day
  • 3re 3rd May Constitution Day
  • 20th Pentecost
  • 31st Corpus Christi
  • 15th Armed Forces Day, Assumption of the Virgin Mary
  • 1st All Saints’ Day
  • 11th Independence Day
  • 25th Christmas (first day)
  • 26th Christmas (second day)
Which days are public holidays in 2019? +
  • 1st January (Tuesday) – New Year’s Day, Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • 6th January (Sunday) – Three Kings’ Day (Epiphany)
  • 21st April (Sunday) – Easter
  • 22nd Easter Monday
  • 1st International Workers’ Day
  • 3rd 3rd May Constitution Day
  • 9th Pentecost
  • 20th Corpus Christi
  • 15th Armed Forces Day, Assumption of the Virgin Mary
  • 1st All Saints’ Day
  • 11th Independence Day
  • 25th Christmas (first day)
  • 26thChristmas (second day)

Important phone numbers

Emergency and rescue services in Wroclaw

When your life or health is at risk +
  • Emergency - 112
  • Ambulance - 999
  • Police - 997
  • Fire Brigade - 998
  • Municipal Guards - 986
  • WOPR (Voluntary Water Rescue Service) Emergency Centre, emergency number: 601 100 100
  • Crisis Management Centre (on constant duty) - 71 770 22 22
For tourists +
  • Tourist Information Centre - 71 3443 111 (Monday-Friday: 9am–7pm)
  • Lower Silesia Tourist Information - 71 342 01 85
  • Foreign Visitors Information - 71 342 77 24,950
Public transport +
  • MPK [Public Transport] Helpline - 71 321 72 71 , 71 321 72 70, 71 325 08 89 (Monday-Friday 7am–9pm)
  • PKP [Railway] Helpline - 19 757, foreign callers - 22 39 19 757 - available exclusively to callers registered with foreign land line or mobile networks, charges according to the operator's price list
  • PKP PR [Railway] Helpline for persons with disabilities - 800 022 222 (Monday-Friday, except holidays: 7.30am–6pm)
  • Polbus PKS [Coach] Helpline - 703 400 444
City authorities, miscellaneous +
  • Wroclaw City Office Helpline - 71 777 77 77 (Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm)
  • Animal Shelter - 71 362 56 74, 501 334 268
Medical care +
  • If you feel ill at night and need basic medical care and are not at risk of losing your health or life, you should report to an outpatient's clinic. You can report at any clinic regardless of the location if you require basic medical care at night or during public holidays. Patients can receive basic medical care at a location of their choice.
  • It is recommended that you make a phone call prior to reporting at a clinic to make an inquiry concerning your health insurance and required care (medical specialisation).
Health insurance +
  • Persons with EU/EFTA health insurance are required to provide their European Health Insurance Card. If you fail to provide your EHIC or any other relevant certificate, your hospital may charge you for medical assistance.
  • The citizens of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Russian Federation and Serbia, who are staying in Poland on the basis of their valid visas, can obtain necessary medical care in the event of sudden illness or accident. The cost of such assistance is covered by the Ministry of Health.
  • Persons not covered by health insurance in Poland or any other EU/EFTA member state will have to pay for their medical care.
Have you lost any of your belongings while riding a bus or tram? +

Items left in MPK vehicles, one day after they were lost, are transferred to the MPK Lost and Found Office in ul B. Prusa 75-79, phone: 71 372 28 90, opening hours: Wednesdays from 8.30 am till 4 pm, other working days from 8 am till 2 pm.

If you have lost your belonging and wish to report it at the Lost and Found Office, you need to provide the following information:

  • what item (object) you have lost, provide a suitable description with its characteristics;
  • specify when and where (which vehicle) you have lost your belonging.
Have you lost any of your belongings in a public place in Wroclaw? +

The Municipal Lost and Found Office is open from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 2 pm at the headquarters of the Roads and City Maintenance Office in ul Długiej 49, Building H, phone: 71 376 08 96.

One general consulate (Germany) is located in Wroclaw. Other consulates are honorary.