Post office, banks, ATMs

Data aktualizacji: 2022-10-12

Wroclaw has a dense network of ATMs, bank branches and post offices.

The payment or withdrawal of money in an ATM in the centre of Wroclaw is not a problem at all. Even in the Market Square and its nearest surroundings, there are several ATMs. In other areas, it should also be easy to find an ATM or a shop where you can withdraw or receive cash.

The same goes for access to bank branches. Although a large part of formalities can be arranged online, banks still make their offices and service points available to customers. They are usually open from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.

Round-the-clock post office, Rynek 28

One of Wroclaw’s most popular post offices has functioned in the centre of Wroclaw (at the junction of the Market Square and ul. Świdnicka) for years. Today, the post office is not only a place to pay bills and send letters; you can arrange here many other formalities and buy magazines, souvenirs, guides, plans, maps and other publications concerning Wroclaw and Lower Silesia.


  • ATMs are located in a majority of bank branches and in all shopping malls. Many restaurants and some shops, particularly in the centre of Wroclaw, accept also payments in euros;
  • you can withdraw money also at counters of popular shop chains.