3-Majówka Festival. Programme and stars

Data aktualizacji: 2018-04-03

The last year’s attempt to beat the Guitar Guinness Record from 2016, when 7,356 guitarists played Hey Joe, was unsuccessful. The next chance will happen already on 1st May at 4 pm.

Leszek Cichoński, Jose Torres and others will cheer participants on the stage in the Main Square. And this is only the beginning of the 3-Majówka Festival. Its greatest star Ayo will sing in the Centennial Hall on 2nd May.

Beating record on 1st May

The three-day music festival 3-Majówka will traditionally begin with an attempt to beat the Guitar Guinness Record. The requirements for guitarists – both professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts – are always the same. They have to play Jimi Hendrix’s Hey Joe together with other guitarists gathered in the Wroclaw Main Square on 1st May at 4 pm.

3-Majówka Festival

3-Majówka Festival

Termin od 1 maja 2018 do 3 maja 2018

Miejsce Wrocławska Pergola przy Hali Stulecia


The audience will be supported by musicians from thrash metal band Kreator, hard rock super group The Dead Daises, Sinfonity – an electric guitar symphony orchestra, and Perfect.

The same artists will give mini-concerts at the Pergola at 5 pm.

If you are afraid that you do not know the chords, you can arrive already at 10 am – the originator of the record Leszek Cichoński will traditionally give lessons on playing Hendrix.

In honour of Carlos Santana

Those who will come to the Main Square can expect many attractions, such as VIVA SANTANA – a concert of Carlos Santana's hits. One of Santana’s songs will be tapped out on guitars by the gathered guitarists along with Leszek Cichoński and his band and the former Wroclaw inhabitant Jose Torres. We may witness not only a new Guinness record, but also a record in the number of guitars changed into drums. On 1st May, also in the Main Square, Cree will play a concert in memory of Dżem’s legendary singer Ryszard Riedel.

3-Majówka Day Two

After the Guinness record, the plot of the festival will move to the Pergola and the Centennial Hall. Already on 2nd May, Ayo will sing. On the same day, from 3 pm, we will also listen to Pidżama Porno, Nocny Kochanek, Jelonek, Vader, Coma, Me and That Man, Bokka, Krzysztof Zalewski, Organek, O.S.T.R., Bass Astral & Igo and Miuosh Acoustically in the Centennial Hall and at the Pergola.

3-Majówka Day Three

Traditionally from 3 pm, Kult, Dubioza Kolektiv, The Dumplings, Percival Schuttenbach in the Wild Hunt Live project, Waglewski Fisz Emade, Grubson,  Mikromusic, Kortez, Happysad and Ralph Kaminski will play at the Pergola and in the Centennial Hall.


One-day tickets to 3-Majówka concerts cost 80 PLN, two-day tickets cost 130 PLN, and the three-day festival pass costs 165 PLN. Th

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