Best photo sceneries in Wrocław for your Instagram profile (part 2)

Data aktualizacji: 2017-09-11

Is your Instagram profile full of photos from the trips you made? You will find some spots in our city which will dazzle you first and then, they will be admired by your observers.

Daliowa Island


Discover Daliowa Island- the smallest of the eastern islands scattered along the Oder River - forgotten and unkempt for many years. In June 2017 new life was breathed into the island– its renovated appearance is associated with the architecture of Ossolineum, Blessed Virgin Mary’s Church on Sand, Market Hall and historic structures of Cathedral Island. You will definitely pay attention to the 7 meter high Aisle in the form of transparent gate. The structure is supposed to reflect the sky and the greenery in the summertime, and the snow in wintertime. Thanks to this, at any time of day and year it will present itself differently, as if it was enchanted. Around it one may find lanes and greenstones because it was precisely the wild character of the island that became an inspiration for the renewal of this island. Sound like magic? That’s exactly how it looks like – both live and captured in a square frame.

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ZOO and Africarium


Absorbed with photographing buildings and urban scenery, don’t forget that also the beauty of nature awaits you in Wrocław. The list of places where you can be sure to capture it, includes the Japanese Garden, the Botanic Garden as well as the Wrocław Zoo with its Africarium.

Lions, okapi, Indian peacocks, meerkats, camels, zebras and giraffes. These are just some of the animals waiting for you in the zoo. Here, in Wroclaw we have the richest collection of animals - there are as many as 14 thousand of them! In the Zoo you will also find Africarium, which is the world's only oceanarium devoted to the fauna of the Black Continent. You will be able to immerse here in the Red Sea, Mozambique, East Africa, Namibian shores and jungle by the Congo River. In the building, stylised as Noah’s Ark, you will encounter such species as penguins, turtles, hippos, sharks and crocodiles. These beautiful creatures are keen on being photographed, and their posing works out really good :-)

Opening hours of the ZOO:

Mon.-Thurs.: 9-17

Fri., Sat., Sun, high days : 9-18

Open hours- Africarium:

Mon.-Thurs: 9-18

Fri., Sat, Sun., high days: 9-19

Pokoyhof Passage Courtyard


Another place we would like to invite you to, shortly after its complete renovation, is the Pokoyhof Passage - a building located between Św Antoniego and Włodkowica streets. The five-year renovation inspired a new life in this part of the Four Denominations District - for those enjoying the parties in the Old Town of Wroclaw and for the tourists it is a splendid alternative of partying in the intimate atmosphere of clubhouses-cafes.

The reconstructed elements of the original glass mosaic, which decorated the townhouse already in the early 20th century will surely catch the eye of your camera. Inspiration for the palisades and ornaments of the front side of the building were its shots from the pre-war photographs.

You will capture here not only the captivating architecture, but also people tasting bread and wine in Charlotte or dancing to the rhythm of music in Shajba and DoJutra. We have no doubt that the atmosphere here will delight you.

WROCLOVERS - the authors of some of the most beautiful frames in Wroclaw - also added their proposals to our list. Check out some of them:

Stanisław Tołpa’s Park


Wroclaw doesn’t lack beautiful, captivating all year-round parks. From one of them - Stanisław Tołpa’s Park (formerly known as Nowowiejski Park) - one can admire the tower of the church of Saint Michael Archangel or the Faculty of Architecture of the Wroclaw University of Technology. Various species of trees such as European beech, Japanese pagoda tree or American lime, as well as a beautiful pond, years ago called "Waschteich", deserve special attention here.

This is an ideal place for an afternoon picnic on a blanket or a walk, and having a camera is a must here!

National Music Forum (NFM)


The NFM building is located at the Wolności Square - just minutes away from the Market Square. Inside it, there are four concert halls, including the main one with 1800 seats! Participating in concerts inside the building, you will certainly enjoy the breath-taking views. However, not only from the inside will you be able to capture the beauty of the place on the photo. The inspiration for the architect was a musical instrument - for this reason it resembles a resonant box of a string instrument. The NFM delights with its elegance, sophistication and modernity both during the day as well as at night, when it is illuminated by street lamps.

Gardens and courtyard of Ossolineum


Even though Ossolineum is located in the very centre of the city (you will find it, walking from the University Bridge toward Market Square), it is regarded as a place of repose, relaxation and pervasive calmness.

The charming garden was renovated 10 years ago. Particularly noteworthy are the equally trimmed hedges and the charming fountain. You will also find here the shadowed iron benches, marble and brick decorations, the statue of Angelus Silesius or one of the few Wrocław monuments dedicated to the victims of World War I - the figure of Christ the Risen. Although this unique, Baroque-style garden may be visited only during a day, in the evenings you can see it through the open gate located at Szewska street. From each of these perspectives the Ossolineum Gardens are characterized by a romantic, extraordinary character.

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