Blogger from Netherlands charmed with Wroclaw after her bike trip

Data aktualizacji: 2021-01-16

‘The stormy past and a mixture of history, cultures and youth turn Wroclaw into an exceptional place that is different from others,’ writes Dutch blogger Brigitte on – one of the biggest travel websites.

The blogger from Netherlands published a post on her visit to the capital of Lower Silesia on www.reishonger.nla popular tourist platform. Being a citizen of the kingdom of tulips, she sightsaw Wroclaw by bike instead of walking or going by historic tram. She stresses that Wroclaw is well prepared to welcome visitors who like travelling by two-wheeled vehicles.

She remarks that it is good to take a trip around the city with a guide; she relied on Mateusz Kornacki’s knowledge.

Brigitte recollects that the centuries-long past of the city intertwines with modernity at every turn. She admires the park, the Market Square as well as streets and corners around it. She is charmed with small bars under the railway bridge at ul. Bogusławskiego. She raves about coffee prepared by a barista world champion in Cafe Targowa. She reacts not less enthusiastically to the menu of round-the-clock bars, which contains alcoholic drinks, small snacks (pickled cucumbers) and wholesome traditional dishes, including tripe.

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She recommends Ostrów Tumski, the gallery of neon lights at ul. Ruska, the Szczytnicki Park and the surroundings of the Oder. Brigitte describes Wroclaw as a jigsaw puzzle composed of its past, young inhabitants, architecture, artists and many other phenomena and places. This mosaic makes the capital of Lower Silesia an unusual place.

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