Christmas illuminations in Wrocław [PHOTOS]

Data aktualizacji: 2017-12-24

Illuminated underpasses, bridges and fountains. Several large and multicoloured Christmas tree. Find out more about Wrocław’s Christmas illumination 2017.

Multicoloured street decorations and massive Christmas trees, the largest of which towering over the Market Square, are known to add to Wrocław's Christmas atmosphere. With thousands of lights, illuminated stars and decorations, the city glows in with a unique and remarkable atmosphere every evening.

Folk motifs and patterns are the leitmotif of this year’s illumination. The infinite variety of stars and snow crystals draw heavily from Polish ethnic art and are created in various forms, arrangements and colours in nearly 300 decorations. The Christmas decoration traditions has continued in Wrocław since 1996.

The number of decorations and attractions grows every Christmas season. Autorska Pracownia Architektury Linea, who develop seasonal concepts for Wrocław’s Christmas illumination, closely collaborate with the Coordinator of the Visual Decoration of the City, who in turn evaluates the aesthetics of Christmas gardens and markets in order to achieve a harmonious and coherent vision.

Major locations

Christmas decorations are on display in Wrocław’s Old Town, which is delineated in the south by the city moat and in the north by Route WZ, as well as in Cathedral Island and the vicinity of the Centennial Hall.

This year’s illuminations feature a few new designs, including the Tumski Bridge, Wrocław promenades and ul Oławska and Kuźnicza.

As usual, several Christmas trees will be on display in five different squares:

  • 10-metre-tall cone decorated with LED ribbons and stars in Plac Nowy Targ,
  • 7-metre tall spruces in Plac Katedralny,
  • natural 20-metre-tall spruce (with additional boughs) in Plac Grunwaldzki,
  • 10-metre tall Christmas tree in Plac Uniwersytecki (decorated with white baubles and girded by a colourful LED ribbon),
  • genuine 10-metre-tall spruce in the Old Market Square at Psie Pole (multicoloured LED lights arranged in a ribbon).

The Christmas tree in the Market Square is usually the most prominent and the largest. This 20-metre-tall cone features decorations that are redolent of snow, Christmas baubles, stars and snow crystals in a variety of colours, including white, salmon, blue, violet, gold and silver.

Selected Wrocław fountains are also going to be illuminated, including fountains in pl. Gołębi, Plac Orląt Lwowskich and Plac Jana Pawła II.

Christmas decorations are made of hundreds of thousands of elements and yet they consume little energy. Last year’s illumination is based on LED lights exclusively, which are both durable and environmentally friendly. They give powerful light concentration and intriguing visual effects.