Coat of arms, logo, colours

In 1989 even before the elections, a Wrocław Heraldic Committee was established, which was to develop a new coat of arms for the city. The new city symbol was established by the new City Council in June 1990. At first St. John the Baptist was straight (en face). In 1995 this emblem was changed, and now we have a profile of the saint's head (some say this is the so called Tartar's head).

Wrocław’s coat of arms is a shield divided with a cross into four areas:

  1. in the top right area (supporter) a lion holding it up in the left, with a crown on its head, an open muzzle and a lifted and forked tail. A white lion with black outline, a yellow crown with black outline and red background,
  2. in the area on the left, there is an eagle with symmetrically spread wings, with head turned right, with a clearly marked semi-crescent band across his trunk and wing, with an even-armed cross in the middle. A black eagle, a white semicircle and a cross, yellow background,
  3. in the bottom right area, there is a capital "W" with beveled serifs – black in yellow background,
  4. in the bottom left area, there is the head of St John the Evangelist, directed straight, with a youthful face with feminine-like curls, with a gloriole around his head, set on a reversed crown. A white head with black outline, a yellow gloriole and crown with black outline, red background,
  5. in the middle of the four-areas shield – the head of St John the Baptist directed diagonally to the right, inside a circular bowl. A white head with black hair and a beard, a white bowl with double black outline.

The coat of arms is a sign protected under law. Dissemination of the name of the City and coat of arms requires the consent of the President. 

According to historic records, the author of the draft of the coat of arms’s pattern is the graphic artist Norbert Wieschalla.

Wrocław’s logo

In 1996, Wrocław’s logo was selected in a contest. Paweł Pawlak was the author of the design which won.

The logo is a sign protected under law. Disseminating the logo requires the consent of the Director of the City’s Promotion Office.

Wrocław’s flag

Wrocław's flag is a rectangular piece of fabric in red and yellow. The ratio of the flag’s width and length is 5:8. This allows for the placing of the City’s coat of arms against the flag's background.


The City uses a metal, embossed, round seal with the coat of arms in the middle and writing around the edge "Wrocław City" ("Miasto Wrocław").

Wrocław Holiday

Wrocław holiday falls on 24 June.