Electric scooter rental

blinkee.city, Poland’s first scooter rental network, opens a branch in Wrocław. From 27 March, 75 double scooters will be available for hire.

How to use them

Electric scooters from blinkee.city come with disc brakes, a large seat, LED lights, a large trunk for helmets and 3 kW of engine power. More importantly, however, you do not need a driving license to drive it. All you need is your ID card. You also must be 21 years old.

For starters, you need to download the blinkee.city application and register in the system. You need to provide the credit card number and send a photo of the ID card. The next step is to find the nearest scooter in the application. “They do not have designated docking areas, so you can basically find the vehicle anywhere, but within the boundaries of the designated zone," says the blinkee.city representative.

After selecting the vehicle, you can reserve it remotely for 15 minutes. Once you have reached it, you unlock it without keys, using the application. The trunk contains two helmets and hygienic disposable liners. Importantly, you can also use the scooter to travel freely outside the city. The condition, however, is that once you have finished your journey, you must leave the scooter within the zone designated by blinkee.city. The founders of the rental company indicate that the designated zone is now under trial. The zone is going to grow as the business in Wrocław develops. Once you have returned to the docking station, make sure that you hide the helmets in the compartment and complete the journey in the application.

We can drive an electric scooter at a maximum speed of 45 km/h, its range on a warm summer day reaching to 80 kilometres.


Scooters are available for rent a minute-by-minute basis, 0.59 PLN at the start of the season (regular rate being 0.69 PLN). That said, a maximum daily charge is 69 PLN.

“We stop calculating the charge after 100 minutes. If you need to park to do shopping or have coffer with your friends, you are required to pay a 0.09 PLN parking fee. Older persons and students are eligible for a special 15% discount," says Michał Prząda.
Scooters are insured and have built-in locators to prevent theft.

Janusz Krzeszowski