European Mobility Week 2018

‘Mix and Move’ is the slogan of this year’s European Mobility Week. In order to promote eco-friendly ways of transport, an open door day in the tram depot and a big picnic at Plac Solny and ul. Ruska will be held, where islands will appear instead of cars


22nd September World Car Free Day

The culminating event of the European Mobility Week in Wroclaw will be a picnic at Plac Solny and ul. Ruska.

At ul. Ruska, we will see an Archipelago instead of cars – an arrangement of three islands prepared by Wroclaw visual artists who won the audience award in this year’s SURVIVAL Art Review. Archipelago: three islands as three worlds in miniature. Here the island is mainly the symbol of nature. All parks, gardens, squares or even flower beds are refuges that provide shadow in the city.

At Plac Solny, invited guests will suggest new possibilities of increasingly eco-friendly transport.

Attractions at Plac Solny

  • The presentation of the latest MPK bus, including two performances for children: Jolly Bus produced by Wrocławski Teatr Młodych [Wroclaw Youth Theatre];
  • The Wroclaw University of Technology presents technical novelties prepared by student academic associations (a supermodern bolid, an electric scooter and robots);
  • Information tents of the City Office: Sustainable Mobility, Wroclaw Citizens’ Budget and Economic Development Bureaus;
  • An information tent of the European Commission plus a bicycle with a blender for bikers to make juices on their own;
  • The City Public Library has developed a mobile game (a phone app) that thematically refers to Jules Verne’s book Around the World in Eighty Days. The aim of the game is to promote various ways of moving around. The participants compete to collect the maximum number of points; after the end of the game, they will receive prizes;
  • A screen printing stand – 200 pcs of cotton bags with a drawing promoting EMW to be handed out;
  • GoScooter – safe driving school. An electric scooter driver training ground. Those who complete the track will receive a certificate. Driving lessons + an instruction how to rent a scooter;
  • Go Tesla – presentation of the Tesla electric car + an instruction how to rent Tesla;
  • Vozilla – presentation of the car + an instruction how to rent a car in the city;
  • A stand promoting sailing on the Oder; tourist boat operators are invited.

The European Mobility Week promotes eco-friendly forms of mobility, such as means of public transport, bicycles, hiking and multimodal transport. It is aimed at showing various benefits resulting from sustainable transport, such as money and time saving, improvement of health and road safety, a favourable impact on the environment and improvement of air quality, friendly city space, development of local enterprises, and improvement of the attractiveness of cities for investors.

The reduction of emissions is possible, e.g., thanks to sustainable mobility – using and sharing eco-friendly means of transport. Inhabitants should have easier access to public means of transport, particularly emission-free transport (rail transport, electric rolling stock). At the same time, buses, lorries, taxis, cars and other vehicles must become more environment-friendly. The organisers of the European Mobility Week in Wroclaw are the Sustainable Mobility Bureau of the Wroclaw City Office and the Regional Agency of the European Commission in Wroclaw.

Ride without a ticket

On 22nd September 2018 (Saturday), you can travel by public means of transport for free. You will not have to buy a ticket to travel by all lines of public transport on the city premises and, additionally, by:

  • Lines 133 and 609 within the Kąty Wrocławskie Commune,
  • Lines 112 and 612 within the Kobierzyce Commune,
  • Lines 917, 923 and 938 within the Miękinia Commune,
  • Lines 100, 110, 120, 900L, 900P, 901 and 910 within the Siechnice Commune,
  • Lines 908 and 930 within the Wisznia Mała Commune,
  • Lines 904, 911, 914, 921, 924, 931 and 934 within the Długołęka Commune.
  • Local passenger trains operated by Koleje Dolnośląskie and Regio Przewozy Regionalne within the Wroclaw city borders.