Fan zone – The World Games Plaza

A unique fan zone called The World Games Plaza will be launched on 21st July in plac Wolności. The plaza is expected to host a daily variety of concerts, shows and workshops presenting the current and prospective World Games sports.

The World Games Plaza will be open to the public from 21st until 30th July, between 3 pm and 11 pm. Two concert stages will be mounted in plac Wolności. The large stage is expected to feature Kult, Grubson, Electro Acoustic Beat Sessions, Vavamuffin, Dawid Kwiatkowski and Paula & Karol. The small stage is going to host DJs.

One of the highlights in the line-up is Kaufland Athletes’ Party (26th July, 8 pm) with British DJs Chase & Status as the flavour of the evening. Laser and video mapping shows will be displayed on the National Forum of Music façade after the gig.

Likewise, sports competitions will be displayed on large screens in plac Wolności. It is The World Games tradition that contestants often put in an appearance at the plaza to meet the fans or have a commemorative photo taken. Each evening, at 7.45 pm sharp, Athlete of the Day awards will be presented to one male and one female contestant.

Numerous sports activities are also there in the programme. Each and every visitor to the fan zone will be able to test their volleyball skills at a special court. A skimboard track will also be available. The audience are also in for workshops promoting prospective World Games disciplines such as chanbara, wrestling and koluchstyl (to be featured in the upcoming edition).

Plac Wolności is also expected to host The World Games 2017 Closing Ceremony. The massive music and acrobatics show starts on 30th July, at 9 pm. During the show, the representatives of Birmingham, AL, the host city of the upcoming edition of the tournament, will take over The World Games banner, which they are going to keep until 2021.

Admission to the fan zone is free of charge.

Live music at the World Games Plaza

  • 21.07, 20.00, KULT
  • 22.07, 20.00, TNBC, Dawid Kwiatkowski
  • 23.07, 20.00, Girls On Fire, Paula & Karol
  • 24.07, 20.00, Hoodoo Band
  • 25.07, 20.00, Grubson
  • 26.07, 20.00, Kaufland Athletes’ Party – Chase & Status
  • 27.07, 20.00, Electro Acoustic Beat Session (feat. Waldemar Kasta, Bitamina and Hades)
  • 28.07, 20.00, Joint Venture Sound System, Vavamuffin
  • 29.07, 20.00, Rebeka
  • 30.07, 21.00-23.00 – World Games Closing Ceremony