First time in Poland

Data aktualizacji: 2017-11-08

Every traveller who is equipped with some tourist experience knows how important a solid preparation for any trip is. Are you planning to visit Poland for the first time?


Lack of thorough knowledge of a purpose of any trip may be quite frustrating, all the more when it turns out at the spot that you failed to take half of the things with you while the other half of the suitcase is completely useless to you. What do you need to remember if you want to keep the costs of your travel at the lowest level and yet ensure a comfortable stay for yourself? We present a must-know-guide of a perfectly prepared traveller. With it, nothing unexpected will scare you anymore!


Alarm numbers

Within the entire Poland there are 3 alarm numbers in place. When calling the police dial 997, for fire fighters-998 and to be connected with emergency medical services dial 999. For mobile phones there is also one general number (112) under which you will receive help regardless of the type of emergency situation.


Polish country code is +48, whilst all Wroclaw connections should be proceeded by code 71. When calling any local number enter +4871 and then the selected number. Search for Polish telephone cards will not be too hard, as you will find them at the nearest post office or in almost every kiosk.


Polish sockets have current of 230V, 50 Hz intensity which are standard European values. Remember this if you don't want to remain out of reach or... with wet hair!


Currency in place in our country is Polish zloty. 1 zloty () is equal to 100 grosz (GR). In a shop you can pay using the coins of the following value: 1 gr, 2 gr, 5 gr, 10 gr, 20 gr, 50 gr, 1 zł, 2 zł, 5 zł and banknotes with denominations of 10 zł, 20 zł, 50 zł, 100 zł, 200 zł and 500 zł. You may find it interesting that each of the banknotes carries an image of Monarchs of Poland which ruled our country at various periods of time. The current foreign exchange rate may be found in every foreign exchange office.


The majority of goods and services in our country are subject to 23% tax. The exception are some products with an 8% margin. Look for the TAX FREE information in shops which will help you avoid double taxation. This procedure however concerns tourists from outside Europe who are entitled to a tax return for goods exported from Poland outside the EU territory.



The law in Poland prohibits consumption of alcohol in case of persons below 18 years of age. Driving under the influence of alcohol is a crime, unless the promilles in your blood are below the value of 0.2. Drinking alcohol in public places may be fined, therefore, chose designated places or restaurants with beer gardens for a pint of beer outside.


So, are you already packed? :)