Ice cream time in Wroclaw!

Data aktualizacji: 2017-09-18

During sightseeing you will be sure to want to get refreshed and a little cool. The ice cream parlors of Wroclaw come to the rescue! Ready for a frosty feast?


You have probably noticed looking at the name that the ingenuity of the owners can surprise you here! Mascarpone with nuts and honey, Milka chocolate, mint or pink Carlo Rossi? Every day Lizing offers a new, unique flavour of ice cream and shakes.

You will find natural handmade ice cream based on fresh milk, cream from a local dairy and a small amount of sugar. Delicious sorbets are a combination of fruit, spring water and sugar.

Are you visiting Wroclaw in the middle of the week? It's great because in Lizing Wednesday it's ... an ice cream day! You will pay for three portions for the price of two on this day.

While you are cooling down, pay attention to the buildings and monuments of sacral architecture surrounding you. Along with Kazimierza Wielkiego street, Św. Mikołaja street and Św. Antoniego street, Wlodkowica street forms The Four Denominations District. The beauty of architecture, the buzz of nearby pubs and restaurants and delicious ice cream. Can it get any better?

Address: ul. Włodkowica 25, city beach Hot Spot (ul. Wejherowska)

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N’ice Cream Factory

We hear about natural ice cream everywhere... At N'ice Cream Factory we can see for ourselves what they really taste like. It's the first such ice cream factory in Wrocław! 'N' in the ice-cream factory name has a double meaning. First of all – ice creams are really tasty here. Second of all – Customer-selected ingredients are frozen with liquid nitrogen. Thanks to that the consistency of the ice cream is extremely delicate.

Are you wondering how your visit at the factory will look like? To begin with you are going to choose a base for your ice cream: sorbet, milk, soy milk or yoghurt. Later, you will select three ingredients that will subsequently be mixed in front of your eyes. You have the choice of fruits and vegetables, sweets, drinks (including alcohols), but also mint, dragees, jellies or marshmallows.

You will feel like you're in a laboratory of sweets. The ice cream will be created in neon lights especially for you. Champagne, edible gold and Swiss chocolate. Sorbet with watermelon and strawberry with mint. Or maybe something different? The choice belongs to you!

Address: ul. Kuźnicza 59/60

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There is a place located near the Solny Square where you will get fresh bread, buns, cakes and various sandwiches perfect for a city tour. The hit of this summer was also coconut ice cream with... black tint! If you have not had the opportunity to taste this kind of sweet, you should visit Chleboteka. There are also other flavors of ice cream - from traditional to unusual (including tomato with green pepper and pineapple based on olive oil).

Recently, you can also find a trolley with ice cream nearby the Capitol Music Theatre.

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Cukiernia Komandorska

Among all newly created ice cream parlors in Wroclaw, this place can boast about a long history. Customers used to stand here in long queues in the times of the People's Republic of Poland! The owners renovated the building in 2000. Despite this external metamorphosis, the old recipe and methods of ice cream production have been preserved.

On the walls you will see photos of confectionery and employees from many years ago. It is worth to go a bit further from the centre to get to know the history of ice cream from Komandorska street. You will surely find your favourite flavour among the twenty proposals. Double portion will be just about right for you to be eaten during a walk to the Sky Tower viewpoint :-)

Address: ul. Komandorska 6

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Natural Ice cream at Krzycka Street (Lody naturalne z Krzyckiej)

The first of the four ice cream parlors was established at Krzycka street - just two minutes from the beautiful South Park. This is the perfect place for sweet relaxation - you will find here Landsberg's viewpoint, Frederic Chopin's monument and a myriad of enchanting summer greenery. However, if you don't plan to go to this side of Wrocław, you can visit any of the other premises.

At Natural ice creams from Krzycka you will not find ice cream desserts with whipped cream and sweet toppings. The owners prefer simple ice cream scoops. Recipes are a combination of fresh cream and milk, grape and cane sugar (all without added emulsifiers and vegetable fats). Every day you will find two flavours of the day and three basic items - cream, chocolate and strawberry. Bon Appetit!

Addresses: ul. Krzycka 1C, ul. Powstańców Śląskich 133, ul. Henrykowska 1, al. Piastów 2/1U

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Polish Lody

If while walking from Słodowa Island towards Nadodrze, you notice long, twisting queue, then you have certainly found Polish Lody. This view can make you a little discouraged, so believe us – it's worth waiting a few minutes.

Polish Lody next to Bema square was created in 2014 at the initiative of two students. The ice cream parlour was very successful - it was loudly talked about all over Wroclaw. After some time the owners opened a second place at Kosciuszko square. It's just a few minutes’ walk from the Old Town.

The menu has three base flavours of ice cream - cream, chocolate and strawberry - and two extra (different every day in both places). Kinder Maxi King, melon, buttermilk with wild fruits, tomato with raspberry... These are just a few of recent items in Polish Lody. Drop by!

Address: pl. Bema 3, pl. Kościuszki 17

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Tralalala Cafe

Galeria Italiana is a hidden place in one of the alleys of the Old Town, perfect for an Italian feast followed by a dessert. During your visit to this ice cream parlour you will be surprised twice. For the first time, when you discover how large a portion of ice cream is served to you and for the second time-when you try its unique taste.

Kinder Country, orange, straciatella, cookie and nutella with bananas ... Choose your favourite flavour and go for a walk around the Wroclaw market square.

Address: ul. Więzienna 21, Galeria Italiana

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At Komuna Paryska street you will find an ice cream parlor run by two man both named Bartek. The two gentlemen put their money on ice cream craft. These three simple words, however, do not describe the art of Krasnolut, and certainly there's no way to describe the incredible flavours you can taste in it.

Because, if there is a coffee flavour in the day's offer, you will be sure to find in them grains from the local roaster. On top of that, IPA beer from Sto Mostów Brewery, Thai coconuts and mango straight from India ... On the basis of these and many other ingredients, the owners offer three unique flavours every day. Cream and Belgian chocolate, two permanent menu items, are also wildly popular.

In addition to the taste of carefully selected ingredients, Krasnolod also offers its customers ... ice cream delivery! So if you're too absorbed with lying on the grass during your summer holidays, you don't even have to get up – you can order half a kilo or a kilo of ice cream. You can have one flavour or three mixed ones. Bon Appetit!

Address: ul. Komuny Paryskiej 10

Ice cream delivery.

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