Let Wrocław summer season commence

The majority of leisure and sports destinations in Wrocław are now slowly waking up after the winter long hibernation. The beginning of April heralds the launch of municipal fountains. Find out more about other places and venues that enter the summer season.

Municipal fountains

Wrocław boasts nine different fountains and a spring in ul Świdnicka. All of them are going to start the season on 1 April (and some of them, weather permitting, even earlier), and the season comes to an end on 31 October (which may be extended if November brings good weather):

  • Zdrój [Spring]- at plac Gołębi in the Rynek
  • Smoki [Dragons]- at plac Solny
  • Szermierz [Fencer] - at plac Uniwersytecki
  • alegoria Walki i Zwycięstwa [Struggle and Victory Allegory] - at plac Jana Pawła II
  • fountain at plac Orląt Lwowskich
  • a football fountain in a square in front of the Church Saint Mary Magdalene in ul Szewska
  • fountains in Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego
  • fountain in ul Oławska
  • fountain in the renovated Market Square of old Psie Pole

Multimedia Fountain

This wonderful attraction is located by the Centennial Hall, and it starts to dazzle the crowds at the beginning of May, when theme shows commence. The line-up will be provided at the end of April.

Botanical Garden, University of Wrocław

The Botanical Garden also opens to the public on 1 April. This great place to have a walk and enjoy the first signs of spring vegetation closes on 12 November.

The season starts in the Botanical Garden

The season starts in the Botanical Garden

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Japanese Garden

This place, which abounds in a variety of quaint and cosy nooks and crannies, is extremely popular with strollers, opens on 1 April. Wrocław's Japanese Garden closes on 31 October.

Japanese Garden starts the season

Japanese Garden starts the season

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Merry-go round in Staromiejski Garden

Stylised to resemble the 19th-century merry-go-round in Ogród Staromiejski, is going to start in April to a massive delight of children. Weather permitting, the site will be attracting the crowds until the end of October.

Lower Basilica's observation tower

The tower commands a view on the entire city. Weather permitting, the observation tower of Wrocław's garrison church is going to attract massive crowds of visitors on 1 April, when it opens to the public. The tower closes on 31 October.

Mathematical Tower, University of Wrocław

The Mathematical Tower soars to a staggering height of 42 metres and commands an exquisite view on Wrocław's Old Town and beyond. The vantage point located at the top is open to the public from the beginning of April until the end of September.

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