Liberty Day. Crystal Cup & Ladies Day 2019

International races and the celebration of racing fashion - the most important day of the 2019 season in Partynice is ahead of us!

Liberty Day. Crystal Cup & Ladies Day - this is the most important race day of the 2019 season, to which the organizers will invite you on the next Sunday, June 2nd, to the Wrocław Racecourse Partynice. The international riders will compete in seven races, including the most prestigious, steeplechase on the distance of 5,500 meters for the Crystal Cup. Sunday at Partynice will also be a Ladies Day - a feast of hats and racing elegance. On this occasion, the organizers have prepared a fashion contest for the most beautiful racing creation. The announcer leading the decorations of that day will be Katarzyna Dowbor, while the program of special attractions include a ceremonial opening parade, an exhibition of Andalusian horses, Blanka Satora Horse Show, equestrian vaulting, a show of ponies racing, and free carriage rides on the racetrack. Admission to all events is free.

Prestigious horse races in the international cast

Since 2017, the Wrocław’s Racecourse has been held at the Crystal Cup European Cross Country Challenge, a cup steeplechase organized by ten European obstacle courses - Wrocław is one of them. In the race for the Crystal Cup, the horses will run on a distance of 5,500 meters and overcome 28 obstacles, including spectacular ones such as a water obstacle, a grandstand obstacle - at which the horses give a five-meter jump over ditch with water. The prize pool in this race is 40,000. Euro, and at the start there will be an international rate of riders. Apart from the Crystal Cup, there will be six races, two obstacles, for the Masini Award and for 4-year-old horses, one fence race and three races on flat distances.

Ladies Day - a celebration of elegance and a fashion contest

The June meeting on the Racecourse Partynice is a traditional Ladies Day - a celebration of feminine elegance, a day in which stylish creations reign and the heads of women are decorated with hats and fascinators indispensable at races. The Wrocław Racecourse pays special attention to the celebration of racing days through a unique outfit, which is why from this season, track workers appear in tailcoats and hats during racing days. They also encourage the audience to create unique creations, dressed by the hosts of fashion contests. This coming Sunday, the pair who will be best dressed will win a trip to one of the most beautiful horse racecourse in the world - the Italian Ippodromo Merano. It is enough to come in a creation referring to the retro racing fashion from the turn of the 19th and 20th century and to be photographed in the competition frame. The jury, chaired by the photographer - Lidia Popiel will choose the best dressed pair. On this day at the races we will also meet the most beautiful pair of the region: the newly selected Miss and Mister of Lower Silesia, a.d. 2019!

Day attractions - a ceremonial parade and special shows

The most important race of the day - the Crystal Cup – precedes the ceremonial parade. On the track there will be director Jerzy Sawka on Damascus, Bohun's horse from the movie "Ogniem i mieczem" and a chaise, in which the guests of the event will sit. The driver will be Ireneusz Kozłowski – multiple medalist of Poland and the World in horse-drawn carts. The parade will be accompanied by a horse-riding department of the municipal guard and adepts of the Wyższa Szkółka Jazdy - Partynice.

The program includes a list of special accompanying attractions. Blanka Satora, a graduate of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art Admission in Jerez de la Frontera with his stallion Escudero VII in the show of Andalusian dance and the most difficult elements in the equestrian art. Students of the sports equestrian vaulting section will present a demonstration of acrobatics on a moving horse, while the youngest riders will take part in ponies race.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the first free elections, organizers decided to invite the audience to a small journey in time. Together with the Automobile Museum in the Topacz Castle, there will be a show of vintage vehicles that moved on Polish roads before 1989.

How to get there and where to park - facilities for the public

Large racing days attract even a dozen of thousand spectators to Partynice. Therefore, the organizers, apart from an outside car park by the track with 300 parking sport, shared for the spectators a parking lot at the Auchan shopping center. In addition, an S6 free line will be launched between Krzyki, Partynice and Auchan loops. In addition, on June 2, running on Partynice line 113, during the events will increase frequency of trips to 4 rides per hour

Liberty Day. Crystal Cup & Ladies Day

June 2 (Sunday) hours 13:30 - 19:00

Wroclaw Racecourse - Partynice, ul. Zwycięska 2

Free entrance

Tomasz Wysocki