Little discoverers: a colour guide to Lower Silesia

Data aktualizacji: 2020-08-07

Mysterious castles, breathtaking views, charming cycling routes, wild nature, or even a desert. The latest family guide prepared by the Marshal’s Office of the Lower Silesia Province and the Mamy Project [We Have a Project] collective invites us to take a family trip around exceptional places of Lower Silesia. The guide is free of charge. 10,000 copies have been printed, but anyone can have it – the map with attractions for kids is available online for everyone to print it by himself or to find an inspiration.

Discover Lower Silesia with children

The colour guide is another edition of the #OdkryjDolnyŚląsk campaign – this time it is addressed to families with children.

The places that we can find on the Niemapa [Non-Map] have been selected after consultations with parenting blogs. With so many attractions in Lower Silesia, the choice was not simple but the parent's experience was decisive.

Learn and sightsee

The Niemapa helps children discover the secrets of nature and learn unique local stories. The authors presented 16 various places that are worth visiting with a child. Each of them is an example of the region’s rich tradition.

Thanks to this map, children will learn about the Lower Silesian White Lady, the Headless Knight, the Basilisk from Świdnica or the Liczyrzepa [Rübezahl] spirit that became a prototype for the figure of Gandalf. The marked route leads also through the Bolków Castle, the Książ Castle in Wałbrzych or the Czocha Castle in Leśna.

Avid travellers should visit the Errant Rocks, where the fairy film The Chronicles of Narnia was shot, or the Bear Cave. For lovers of old folk beliefs, trips to the Śnieżka and Ślęża mountains are recommended.

The guide recommends also attractions in the capital of the province. In Wroclaw you can search for friendly dwarves, take a look at details of historic houses and peep into the courtyard at ul. Roosevelta 5, where they will see a 250-metre painting created by inhabitants of local houses.

This time the guide contains also examples of Lower Silesian delicacies. Among them there are such must-taste items as sweet buns with cinnamon crumble, figural gingerbreads, Wroclaw hunter’s stew [bigos] or nationally famous Milicz carps and royal heather honey.

Engage in the region

The points gathered in the guide are supplemented with ideas of games and plays. The authors have prepared a whole series of challenges for lovers of adventures: from looking out for the Milky Way in the Izerskie Mountains and designing one’s own castle to looking for the most attractive plants in the region.

How to get the guide?

The paper version of the guide will be available at the beginning of August, e.g., in points marked on the map.

Take the first trip and inspire further discoveries! The guide will also be available in information points of the Lower Silesian Tourist Organisation.

photo: Marshal’s Office of the Lower Silesia Province

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