Long May weekend: Get to know interesting places outside Wroclaw

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See where to go outside Wroclaw during the long May weekend. Lower Silesia abounds in interesting places and landscapes of outstanding beauty. See only five of them – they may become an inspiration for further searches.

Arboretum in Wojsławice

Arboretum is the branch of the Botanical Garden of the University of Wroclaw. It is located in Wojsławice, in the protected landscape of Niemcza-Strzelin Hills.

It is an extraordinary place. Over 14,000 plant species and their varieties occupy an area of over 60 ha. Spring is an exceptional season in the garden – the richness of the Arboretum is particularly conspicuous during the flowering period.

Long May weekend 2021 in Wroclaw

You can arrive in Wojsławice down the national road no. 8. It takes about one hour to get there by car (55 km).

Arboretum w Wojsławicach

Arboretum w Wojsławicach

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Termin od 18 kwietnia 2021 do 1 maja 2021

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Wiszniak Hill

If you are fed up with views from the Ślęża, take a trip to Wiszniak. It is a 247 metres high hill in the range of Trzebnickie Hills, called “Cat Mountains". These gentle hills are ideal for hiking and cycling, including children.

Wiszniak, wzniesienie w paśmie Kocich Gór, fot. UG Wisznia Mała

On Wiszniak Hill there is an arranged small camping space, shelters, benches and tables, a bonfire space and bicycle racks. The hill gives a magnificent view of the suburbs of Wroclaw, the city itself and – if the weather is fine – Southern Sudetenland. In the nearby area, there are also a few charming places with fabulous views.

Wiszniak is around 24 km away from Wroclaw. The most comfortable cycle route runs along the road to Trzebnica, from which you should take the exit towards the Piotrowiczki village at the height of Wysoki Kościół.

Andrzejówka shelter and its surroundings

Sudetenland is a Lower Silesian treasure and a great place for active rest. It has lots of routes and places available to families with children, and the Andrzejówka shelter is one of the more interesting areas.

Because of epidemic restrictions, staying for the night in the shelter is not possible, but the hosts invite guests to arrive for the long May weekend in motorhomes. The area is provided with necessary utilities: power and water supply, WCs and bathrooms. The kitchen will also dispense meals.

There are exceptional undemanding hiking routes all around – even older children will easily make it to the ruins of the castle in Rogowiec (the highest located castle in Poland), to Sokołowsko, to the Rock Gate or to Waligóra.

Andrzejówka shelter, photo: Andrzejówka/FB

How to get there?

The Andrzejówka shelter lies in Rybnica Wielka near Wałbrzych. It is less than 100 km away from Wroclaw. The shelter is located close to the suburban bus route from Wałbrzych.

Palace in Goszcz

The list of must-see Lower Silesian attractions for history lovers include the monastery in Lubiąż, Churches of Peace in Świdnica and in Jawor, and the underground city in Walim. But less frequented places are also worth seeing.

One of them is the Baroque palace in Goszcz. Its scale is comparable to top-class mansions in Wilanów and Potsdam. Built in the first half of the 18th century, it belonged to the von Reichenbach family until 1945. After its short-term occupation by the Red Army, it was handed over to the local administration. Unfortunately, it was completely destroyed by a fire in 1947. For the last few years, it has been gradually rebuilt.

Palace in Goszcz, photo: Twardogóra Commune Office

How to get there?

Goszcz lies close to Twardogóra, 50 km north-east of Wroclaw.

Park Szczodre

The renovated park in Szczodre is astoundingly popular among families with children. It is actually a huge playground with dozens of attractions for kids. There is a wooden ship, an open-air mirror room, lots of swings, carousels, slides, pipes, ski jumps, obstacle courses, and ideal places for playing hide and seek.

The park has many attractions where children can both play and learn. For example, the water playground allows the youngest kids to develop engineering skills. The older kids and adults will certainly like educational paths prepared in the park.

With picturesque walking routes surrounding the ponds, this place will charm not only children, but also their parents and grandparents.

Place zabaw w parku w Szczodrem, fot. UG Długołęka

You can arrive in Szczodre (15 km) down the route towards Oleśnica or by suburban bus line 904.

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