New concessions and fares: public transport from 1 January

Data aktualizacji: 2018-01-02

New 15-minute fares, group fares, luggage and pets free of charge, more concessions for passengers and only one fare increase. This, in a nutshell, can be found in the latest resolution on the fare pricing by the Wrocław City Council. The new pricing comes into force as of 1 January 2018.

The new regulations on public transport fares are expected to come into force as of 1 January 2018.

New pricing: as of 1 January 2018

As of 1 January 2018, persons over 69 years of age will be eligible for public transport free of charge (instead of 70 years of age now). The threshold will be lowered gradually every year, to reach 65 years of age in January 2022 (68 years of age in 2019, etc.). Other changes in the pricing are provided below.

Reduced fares for children and marathon participants

  • The new resolution grants concessions for new groups of passengers. The following passengers are eligible for public transport free of charge:
  • pupils and their teachers or carers as part of the city programmes,
  • children until they turn seven (valid until the end of the calendar year),
  • children from social rehabilitation centres with their teachers/educators as part of their classes,
  • Graft Donors,
  • all passengers as part of World Book and Copyright Day,
  • Wrocław marathon and half-marathon participants on the day of the event,
  • persons over 69 years of age (2018),
  • persons on early retirement allowance are now also eligible for reduced prices.

New fares

  • The resolutions provides for new types of fares. A 15-minute fare, which is going to cost only 2.4 PLN (adult) and 1.2 PLN (reduced), is likely to turn out a real hit. You can cover quite a distance in a quarter of an hour (the map is provided below).
  • New group fares may particularly attract schools and excursions. One ticket serves a group of up to 15 people. They can take an unlimited number of rides within a 30-minute time limit or board a service at which they validated their ticket for a period longer than 30 minutes. Group fares are expected to cost: 36 PLN (adult) and 18 PLN (reduced).

  • One new feature on offer are personalised fares for all services: 180-day pass (420 PLN adult, 210 PLN reduced) and annual pass (800 PLN adult and 400 PLN reduced).
  • The municipality is also changing the rules for semester fares. Semester fares are now offered within a rigid time frame (four or five months, from 1 October or 1 September) which overlaps with semester time at Polish schools or universities. Passengers will now be able to choose the activation date for their semester passes.
  • The lifting of luggage and pet fares is also good news.
  • Fare increase for individual tickets only

The local authorities make it clear that almost all fares are going to remain the same. The only fare increase stipulated in the resolution is that of individ

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