New Year's Eve in Wrocław 2017/2018

Data aktualizacji: 2017-12-08

The colours of joy are the guiding idea of the upcoming New Year’s Eve in Wrocław 2017/2018. This year’s line-up features mainly local artists.


  • 19.00-19.25 – Paweł Gołębski and DJ are going to warm up the audience before the show
  • 19.25 20.10 (violet and orange) – Lech Janerka – indisputable leader of the Wrocław music scene
  • 20.15 -20.45 (green and brown) – Conga Line – one of the most dancing-like, vigorous and joyful Wrocław bands
  • 20.50-21.30 (pink and navy blue) – Natalia Sikora: Janis Joplin
  • 21.35-22.20 (yellow and blue) – Kozak System – the blend of Ukrainian and Balkan music with powerful notes of rock, punk, ska and reggae
  • 22.30-0.05 (white and blue) – 100 YEARS OF JOY: Natalia Grosiak (Mikromusic), Natalia Sikora, Justyna Szafran (TM Capitol), Emose Uhunmwangho (TM Capitol), Artur Caturian (TM Capitol), Lech Janerka, Marcin Januszkiewicz and the orchestra All songs are going to be presented in modern pop-rock arrangements by Adam Lepko. Soloists are going to be accompanied by a live orchestra.
  • 0.10-1.00 (rainbow) – Afromental – seven vigorous and extremely talented guys.

The New Year’s Eve festivities will be celebrated with a firework show, and a low pyrotechnics show around the stage, the levels of noise not exceeding the health and safety measures suitable for humans and domestic animals.

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