Open-air gyms in Wroclaw [MAP]

Gyms in parks and on squares become increasingly popular among Wroclaw inhabitants, and their number constantly grows. Atlases, rowing machines, pull-down machines, agility ladders, cross-trainers and other bodybuilding devices are readily available for free in open-air gyms.

This is where you can exercise virtually all body parts: legs, arms, belly, back or chest, and it is important to know that open-air gyms are completely safe for use both by children and seniors. Exercises are easy to perform, and the possibility of exposure to the bosom of nature will certainly lower the cortisol level in your blood.

Everybody will find something for themselves!

Gyms and places for the physically active [MAP]

  • grass-plot on Bielarska Island
  • in the park at ul. Canaletta
  • in Strachociński Park
  • in the park on Wzgórze Słowiańskie hill
  • in Staszic Park
  • grass-plot at ul. Pomorska
  • in Brochowski Park
  • grass-plot at ul. Gliwicka
  • in the park at ul. Ziemniaczana
  • in Skowroni Park
  • grass-plot at ul. Wałbrzyska
  • in General Marian Langiewicz Park – grass-plot at ul. Wróbla
  • in Grabiszyński Park
  • Wzgórze Gajowickie hill
  • in Złotnicki Park
  • grass-plot at ul. Hermanowska
  • in Tysiąclecia Park – ul. Graniczna
  • in Bajan Park
  • in Zachodni Park – ul. Pilczycka-Lotnicza
  • in Zachodni Park at ul. Pałucka
  • in Popowice Park – Polana Popowicka glade
  • grass-plot at ul. Mrągowska
  • grass-plot at ul. Kasprowicza 45
  • grass-plot at ul. Sycowska
  • grass-plot at ul. Reja-Prusa
  • Ptasi Zagajnik square – ul. Zaporoska, Lubuska, Skwierzyńska
  • in Leśnica Park
  • Wojszyce – ul. Pawia