Public transport during TWG 2017

Wrocław is going to launch additional tram and bus services during The World Games 2017. Several lines will be extended while several other services will be provided more frequently.

Fans are advised to take bus or tram services to reach major TWG 2017 attractions.

The World Games 2017

The World Games 2017

Termin od 20 lipca 2017 do 30 lipca 2017

Miejsce Wrocław - różne lokalizacje wg programu dnia


Special services will be launched for the Opening Ceremony, and additional services will be provided to mass events in plac Wolności (Kaufland Athlete’s Party on 26th July and the Closing Ceremony on 30th July).

Additional services will be provided to fans travelling to and from the Olympic Stadium, the sports arena in ul Czajcza at Kowale and to Szymanów (air sports).

Opening Ceremony, 20th July, 7 pm

Fans travelling to the stadium will be provided two special tram services T1 and T3. The return from the stadium is provided by trams (above) and bus services S1 and S2.

Additional services for air sports fans

Fans travelling to Szymanów Airfield will be provided a bus service (908, extended service) to Szymanów between 8 am and 9 pm. The competition in the airfield will be held between 21st and 24th July 2017.

Services to the sports arena in ul Czajcza (floorball, korfball)

Line 23 will be extended to reach Kowale from 12.30 pm until 10.30 pm. The service will be provided from 21st until 29th July.

Additional services for spectators returning from the Olympic Stadium (American football, speedway)

Fans travelling between the Olympic Stadium and the Galeria Dominikańska Shopping Centre will be provided a special tram service T3, departing every 5 minutes between 10.30 pm and 11 pm.

Events in plac Wolności

On 26th July, pl Wolności is expected to host Kaufland Athlete`s Party. At the end of the party, several dozen night services will be provided to a number of different destinations. Similar services will be provided on The World Games 2017 Closing Ceremony night.

Tickets are required for both special and regular services (3 PLN adult, 1.5 PLN reduced). Similarly, tickets are required for night services (3.2 PLN adult, 1.6 reduced).