Rooftops of Wrocław - musical journey through the Meeting Place!

We promised that Wrocław would wait for you. We have kept our promise and today we are waiting for you whenever you are ready to visit Wrocław. It would be great to see you again – Let’s meet in Wrocław. And before you come, we invite you to take a musical journey through the Meeting Place!

In Wrocław, we cannot live without relationships. After long weeks of isolation and separation, the time has come time for the city, music and Wrocław performers to meet again. At the highest levels, no less!

Rooftops of Wrocław have become stages where jazz, indie rock, reggae, blues, tango and flamenco were played, and sounds and colours exploded in a blaze. Those concerts, touched by the sun, carried by the winds, expressed our joy that together we are opening a new chapter.

KASTA&Synaptine, fot. Hipek Terpinski

The idea behind the project wasn’t born just because of the lockdown; it speaks and will continue to speak after the reopening of Wrocław about people hungry for art, about artists, music and our city.

All concerts (in different languages) are available here:

Listen and watch – let’s meet in Wrocław.