Street food in Wroclaw

Data aktualizacji: 2017-10-04

Some people think eating out equals eating fast foods, quick and slapdash. But even if you're in a hurry, you don't have to choose places to eat accidentally.

In Wroclaw, there are many restaurants with delicious takeaway food where you can eat outside, under the sun. Street food is really reigning over Wroclaw! Everyone will find something, regardless of what kind of cuisine they like. Street food stalls serve dishes from Poland, Germany, Asia... so you can take your pick!

What's more, in Wrocław food truck rallies are organized quite regularly. You can choose delicacies from dozens of food trucks, so where will you eat your food truck food?

Osiem misek

Butter rolls served by the service literally melt in your mouth. Osiem misek will present you with Asian food you will dream and daydream about. You can also eat Pad Thai with shrimps, chicken or veg and other traditional Far East dishes, such as spring rolls. Food truck is located in front of Aqua park, so it's the best place to have a good meal after splashing in the water.

ul. Borowska 116

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Happy Little Truck

Warm and crispy pizza straight out of wood fired clay pizza oven. You have three, very original possibilities to choose from. Maybe it's not a lot, but, rest assured, it's sufficiently varied. You can choose “Bianca" with mozzarella, mascarpone and ricotta, “Blu" with mozarella and rokpol or good old “Margherita". Sourdough base and fresh ingredients make Happy Little Truck pizza the best in Wrocław.

ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 39

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You can find here tex-mex, that is true delicacies from Texas and Mexico. Beef tacos with aromatic coriander, burrito filled to the brim with fresh products and potato with salsa and meat, called Patata. You haven't tried Mexican specialties yet? Well, there are many opportunities to get yourself acquainted with them. Food truck not only resides in one place, but is also present at many festivities. Additionally, you can find Panczo food at 4Hops, where you can have a craft beer from one of the taps.

ul. Mazowiecka 17 (Plac Społeczny)

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Monster Cook

Perfect for the fans of strong flavors and aromatic spices. The menu is based on Indian dishes, consisting of three main ingredients - rice, chicken or tofu and aromatic sauces. Tikka Masala or spicy and warming Jalfrezi with fresh vegetables? The portions are really big and in very decent prices. For an average set you will pay about 14 zloty. You can find the food truck all around Wroclaw, so make sure to find out where it's stationed now.

ul. Olszewskiego 23

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Classic German cuisine, sausage in a crunchy, crispy roll with the addition of selected sauce. Melting cheese is the legendary hit of "bratwurst" grill master. Everything is prepared on spot, without any stalling. Additionally, the prices are surprisingly low, not exceeding 10 zlotys. It's tasty, cheap and delicious!

ul. Szewska 24 / ul. Wróblewskiego 31

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Frytki + SOS

Something for the lovers of French fries, which are always fried on spot. You can also choose a little something from a wide variety of sauces. Vegan "Tofu", sweet "Orzeszek" or oriental "Mymango"? The options are many and you can try a different dish every day. Classic potatoes can be exchanged for sweet potatoes and a refreshing lemonade. How long have you dreamed of homemade French fries?

ul. Św. Antoniego 14

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A famous burger place with both stationery premises and food trucks. The consistent quality, local suppliers and varied menus are the main reasons why the queues in Pasibus are never ending. "Standard" with cheddar and pickled cucumber or "Kevin", a unique combination of beef with peanut butter and currant jam? If you have no idea what to eat, choose “Tacka Pasibrzucha" and select its content on your own. Bon Appetit!

ul. Powstańców Śląskich 5/ ul. Legnicka 51-53/ ul. Wystawowa 1

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Tuk tuk

If you fancy a dessert after a big old burger, come and get Thai ice creams. The secret of their making came to Wroclaw food trucks straight from Thailand. You choose the ingredients yourself, and the ice cream is made right in front of you. Tuk Tuk goes all around Wroclaw, serving its locals and tourists a delicious cool down. What flavors will you choose?

ul. Powstańców Śląskich 1

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