Tumski Bridge for repair – padlocks will disappear


In the first quarter of this year, the Administration of Roads and City Maintenance (ZDiUM) intends to launch a tender for the repair of Tumski Bridge. Padlocks must disappear from the historic crossing. If you want to retain them as a souvenir, it is worth finding and taking your padlock already now.

Tumski Bridge is a historic building; it has existed in its current shape since 1889 and its structure has actually not been repaired since the war. After the war, bitumen pavements and corrosion protection were made (cleaning and painting with a turquoise coat). Such works were performed for the last time over 20 years ago and the bridge needs another repair.

Padlocks must disappear

The contractor’s task will also be to remove padlocks and to deposit them in the store of ZDiUM, where everyone could collect them.

It is very difficult to estimate the weight of all padlocks suspended on the bridge, but they are said to weigh up to 4 tons. The heaviest padlock removed a few years ago weighed 3.5 kg and hung on an alarmingly thin chain.

“We encourage everyone to take their own padlock straight from the bridge already now. Later, when padlocks are sent to the office of ZDiUM, each padlock will have to be found among a few tons of other dirty and rusty padlocks. You must also take a hacksaw or another tool to cut your padlock off," say the employees of ZDiUM.

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