TWG 2017: Hammocks, discos and chill-out

Wrocław boasts hundreds of venues, clubs, discos and bars to have a night out, relax and wind down on your own, as a couple or with a group of friends.

Parks and the Oder water front feature a variety of open-air pubs and beach bars, which are a perfect destination for you to relax after a day full of cheering and excitement.

All you need to do is reach the centre of Wrocław and tour pubs, restaurants and bars, which are filled with locals and visitors at weekends.

You can reach the same goal by touring the city, setting off from Church Island. A sizeable portion of history is best served with a cold dessert from Polish Lody. People flock in daily to their favourite ice cream place in plac Bema. The ice cream fad developing in Wrocław, a growing number of such places spring up throughout the city.

Continue your walk to Słodowa Island, which is not so popular with students as in previous summer seasons, but it nonetheless emanates with a unique aura from the boats moored in the area.

Then you cross the University Bridge. The area between the bridge and plac Wolności abounds in clubs, discos, restaurants, pubs, bars, bistros and other establishments for you to eat, dance, have a chat, kick back and listen to music in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

If you like to dance, these places are a must: Manana, PRL, Casa de la Musica, Schody Donikąd. Always teeming with people, several places in Pasaż Niepolda are also a safe bet for clubbers.

A crowd of regulars is always there at Szajba, but many other establishments are just as good for you to enjoy your night out on the town.

One place to go is Neon Side, a club and gallery in a small yard straddling ul św. Antoniego and ul Ruska. The area is illuminated with a dozen or so Wrocław neon signs.

Locals often play a guessing game to identify each sign’s original location. Visitors are happy to enjoy the unforgettable aura of the small and multicoloured yard.

The star of Mleczarnia, where tenacious bar tenders serve impeccable soft and long drinks throughout the day and late into the night, continues to shine and dazzle new and regular customers. The mythical Kalambur attracts new visitors every year. You can spend enjoyable mornings, afternoons and evenings at Bułka z Masłem and its beer garden (open until late autumn).

A bite to eat and a glass of vodka are served 24/7 at Łubudubu, Przedwojennna, Setka and Ambasada.

If you do not want to wander aimlessly, focus on one street, e.g. ul św Antoniego features the exuberant Szajba, the mellow Bike Cafe, the atmospheric Szynkarnia and the one and only Karavan.

If you wish to explore places further away from the centre, choose ul Bogusławskiego with its ambient, chattering and popular Siwy Dym, Sielanka, Bałagan and more than twenty other clubs.

The river front is also worth a visit

Beach bars by the River Oder offer a perfect destination for you to spend an evening outdoors and chill out with a group of friends. Located by the Millennium Bridge, Hot Spot is Wrocław’s largest beach. Basen and Stara Odra (both sides of the Trzebnicki Bridges), ZaZoo Bar (by the Wrocław Zoo) and Forma Płynna are smaller but equally interesting. Centrally located Odra-Pany in ul Witolda and Tamka in Tamka Island continue to attract the crowds.

Beach bars offer a variety of drinks, hammocks and deckchairs, as well as live music and discos.