Visit Wroclaw! Virtual guided walks around Wrocław

Join us for virtual guided walks! This is a great opportunity to get to know the most interesting places in the capital of Lower Silesia. Online meetings have been scheduled for all of April.

Virtual guided walks are an initiative of the city’s Promotion and Tourism Office, which would like to invite the city’s residents and guests to explore Wrocław.

Due to the restrictions associated with the COVID-19 epidemic, they cannot be joint excursions, but you can opt for a virtual walk.

Such walks also have their good sides – we have a guarantee that we won’t miss any of the interesting stories in the city’s bustle.

The “Visit Wrocław with Us!" programme

You can take a virtual walk through Wrocław by means of a live broadcast on the VisitWroclaw fanpage ( The programme also includes walks in English.

The walks have been scheduled for all of May.

Tomasz Wysocki