Wrocław hailed European Best Destination 2018!

Data aktualizacji: 2018-04-03

Wrocław has won the competition for the European Best Destination 2018. The capital of Lower Silesia came first, garnering over 41 thousand votes. With the commitment of the residents, local enthusiasts and visitors from Poland and elsewhere, Wrocław now boasts the title of the best European destination

Wrocław outdistanced a number of celebrated location such as Bilbao (Spain), Colmar (France), Hvar (Croatia), Riga (Latvia), as well as Milan, Amsterdam, Athens and Paris. Poland’s one and only representative in this year’s edition of the ranking garnered votes from 146 countries.

"I am extremely proud. I would like to extend a word of thanks to all residents of Wrocław and all visitors who voted for our city. Coming top of a prestigious ranking such as this demonstrates that Wrocław is among some of the most attractive tourist destinations across Europe," said Wrocław Mayor Rafał Dutkiewicz.

In previous years, cities such as Porto, Bordeaux, Lisbon and Copenhagen came top of the ranking. Each winner would attract a growing interest from international media, which also stimulated tourism in the cities.

Wrocław better than Paris, London or Barcelona

European Best Destination is a Brussels-based international organisation with a focus on promoting culture and tourism in Europe. The nomination itself was a great honour, and Wrocław was able to carry it off with the website, social media, a wide cooperation with numerous travel agencies and interest in the ranking from top global media.

The prize is awarded annually. 20 different cities join the competition, Wrocław faced popular tourist destinations such as Paris, Milan or Athens. The European Best Destination charter hailed Wrocław as the city of great capacity that has been successfully harnessed over the last few years.

"As a host to large festivities such as the European Capital of Culture 2016 or the World Games 2017, Wrocław clearly shows it is capable of more. The capital of Lower Silesia attracts between 4 and 5 million tourists annually, which is also a part of the picture. The title of European Best Destination 2018 is bound to provoke more interest in Wrocław. This in turn will have a bearing on hospitality and catering industries in the city," highlighted Wioletta Samborska, Head of the Office for Tourism and City Promotion at the Wrocław Municipal Office.

Wrocław was a major contender throughout the competition. After two weeks and several days before closing the Internet voting systems, Wrocław was among five leading cities, together with destinations such as Colmar (France), Hvar (Croatia), Bilbao (Spain) and Riga (Latvia).

Top 15 in the European Best Destination 2018 ranking

  1. Wrocław: 41 148 votes
  2. Bilbao: 39 845 votes
  3. Colmar: 32 185 votes
  4. Hvar: 30 023 votes
  5. Riga: 29 456 votes
  6. Milan: 27 129 votes
  7. Athens: 19 424 votes
  8. Budapest: 17 745 votes
  9. Lisbon: 13 384 votes
  10. Bohinj
  11. Prague
  12. Kotor
  13. Paris
  14. Vienna
  15. Amsterdam
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