Who can use the Wrocław Tourist Card?
The Wrocław Tourist Card is dedicated to all of those who wish to find out more about Wrocław and explore the city’s attractions.
How can I buy / use the Wrocław Tourist Card?
The Wrocław Tourist Card is available for purchase/use as a plastic card.
Are foreign students eligible for a reduced Wrocław Tourist Card?
Yes, they are. Students below 26 years of age are eligible for a reduced Wrocław Tourist Card and concessions offered by the Wrocław Tourist Card Partners.
Is my Tourist Package activated on purchase or can I activate it at a later date?
You can set the expiry date for your Tourist Package on the day and hour of your choice. Tourist Packages are available max. 3 months in advance.
Can I cancel my Tourist Package?
You can cancel your Tourist Package only if it has not been activated yet.
Can I purchase additional points once I have bought my Tourist Package?
Unfortunately, you cannot purchase additional points. Alternatively, you can choose a 72-hour Tourist Package when you plan to stay for 48 hours.
Can I use the remaining points once my Tourist Package has expired?
You lose all the remaining points once your Tourist Package has expired.
Can I combine points from two Packages to use one of the Partners’ services?
You cannot combine points from two different Tourist Packages.
I have lost my card with a valid Tourist Package. What should I do now?
You are responsible for your card. You cannot make a copy if you have lost it.
What can I do if my Tourist Package fails to work properly?
You should report to your nearest Distribution Point in order to resolve the case.
Can I visit one of the attractions multiple times?
You can use each of the attractions multiple times. However, points will be collected from your card at each visit.
Do I have to show my Wrocław Tourist Card at each visit at the Partner’s?
Yes, please remember to have your Wrocław Tourist with you at all times. The Card is verified digitally by each of our partners, especially those partners who collect points from your Card. If you wish to use a discount only, you should also show your Card at our Partner’s.
Can Wrocław Tourist Card discounts be combined with other promotions?
Discounts available with your Wrocław Tourist Card are calculated using nominal prices. Promotions offered by our Partners cannot be combined with promotions available with your Wrocław Tourist Card.
Is it possible to add a public transport license to my already purchased Tourist Package?
You cannot add a public transport license to your already purchased Tourist Package.
I have bought a public transport license. When boarding a bus or tram, do I have to show my Wrocław Tourist Card to the driver ?
You do not have to do this, but please remember to show the Card to the ticket inspector in order to verify your license.
Do I have to show the proof of payment for my Tourist Package (receipt / transfer confirmation) at ticket offices?
You do not have to show your receipt or transfer confirmation. Your Tourist Package will be verified digitally by our Partners to check if you are eligible for the service.