Hydropolis, Zoo, Aquapark: Cheaper tickets for families with children

Families will visit Hydropolis, the Zoo and the Aquapark at a cheaper price. These most important Wroclaw attractions support the possibility of spending time together and introduce combined family tickets as of 15th May.

Tickets in the new offer are sold in two-part sets: Hydropolis & Zoo, Hydropolis & Aquapark, and Zoo & Aquapark. Two adults and three children (up to 26 years of age if they have a valid student identification card) will be entitled to use one ticket. Under this solution, you will pay much less for entrance tickets than when purchasing two separate family tickets.

Much cheaper for the family

Vouchers are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. Important: they are available only on the spot in cash desks; online purchase is not possible.

They entitle you to a single one-day visit to two places. You can sightsee both attractions on the same day or schedule your visits for two different dates.

Depending on the attractions that you choose, a combined family ticket will cost:

  • Hydropolis & Zoo – 199 PLN (instead of 232 PLN);
  • Hydropolis & Aquapark – 149 PLN (instead of 187 PLN);
  • Zoo & Aquapark – 199 PLN (instead of 275 PLN).

The voucher authorises you to sightsee the exhibition in Hydropolis on your own, spend the whole day in the zoo, and to use the recreation zone in the aquapark with the possibility of going to the sports pool without a time limit.

A combined family ticket is also a great idea for a gift – it may encourage your friends from all parts of Poland to sightsee the main attractions of Wroclaw. The offer is valid till the end of March 2020, but it may be prolonged and expanded in the future.

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