Take Over Wro. Show us our city!

Data aktualizacji: 2018-01-24

As one of the few cities in the world, Wrocław wants to break the mould of perceiving tourists only as recipients. After all, your perception of Wrocław is different than ours. It is fresh, unbiased and simply true. So why not use it?


As you stay in Wrocaw, we give you the power over the @visitwro Instagram profile. We want you to share with us your perception of Wrocław. You can adapt it according to your expectations. Fall in love with details, including aspects that are not obvious and not presented in any official tourist folder.



Because we know that there you can show us how you see the city in the most effective way. As the first Instagram profile given to travellers in Poland, @visitwro will allow to discover the atmosphere of the city, outlined by different personalities.

We believe that this will provide us with the most reliable view on the city, without retouched images and fake, catalogue smiles.

Feel invited to create a Wrocław guide inspired by your own ideas.



As a discoverer, you become our guest. We will provide you with passes to selected institutions and tickets for the best events in the city. Put down your luggage and feel like home.

During your stay, we give you an access to our profile on Instagram. An inseparable element of the photos published by you will be your remarks in two languages: English and your native language.

Look around. Show us the places that made the biggest impression on you, the restaurants in which you ate while taking a break from sightseeing, and the exceptional captivating details found in nooks and crannies of the city. We have also planned a space for everything that is spontaneous and unexpected and, at the same time, spectacular and necessary to remember - talking about InstaStories, which is your 24-hour account of your stay in Wrocław.

We will introduce you to our recipients right at the beginning. Who are you and why did you choose Wrocław as your tourist stop? At the end, we will ask you what you found most impressive and which part of the trip in particular will stay in your mind forever.



Do you want to nominate yourself as a discoverer of Wrocław? All you have to do is be active on your Instagram profile. Your profile's theme is not important. Fashion, lifestyle, automotive, travels, parenting? Feel invited to discover the city with us. Particular attention will be paid to the aesthetics of the published photos and the brilliance of communication. Additionally, if you are fluent in English, not only written, but also spoken - that would be just perfect!

Send us a message on Instagram and tell us something about yourself. Let's show this city from your own unique perspective.