Take Over Wro: Let's meet in Wroclaw!

Wroclaw is the economic hub of south western Poland and it’s the capital of Lower Silesia. It’s history dates back well around a thousand years. Being part of different empires including the Kingdom of Poland, Kingdom of Bohemia and that of Prussia, following the Second World War it was transferred back to Poland from Germany. This mixture of influences has left a magical footprint on the city.

I first visited Wroclaw back in October when I had randomly decided to get a flight (which I booked on the way to the airport) and to be quite honest I had no idea where I was going. I hadn’t really done any research and when I got there it was a Monday evening and the autumn breeze was refreshing.

Wroclaw is known as the city of islands and bridges. There are around 21 main islands and roughly 100 bridges! Yes, 100! This number was close to 300 before the last World War! So you’ve got no excuse not to go for a jog and experience the sheer beauty which this city provides. The fact that it’s been a part of a number of different Kingdoms means that all it’s architecture and monuments are of completely different styles, but the way they all complement each other and blend in simply amazes me. The neoclassical and baroque styles are heavily featured especially in the inner city boroughs which reminisce of a past grand imperial heritage. The heritage that battled and triumphed against Napoleon and later a German and Soviet occupation.

These features blend in magnificently with the classic European architecture found in the pastel coloured facades which dot the cute little buildings on the Stary Rynek (Market Square). These cute little buildings house a number of interesting Bars, Bistros and Cafes having an abundance of flavors from Cuba and the American Mid West to the Oriental kitchens of Japan and the gorgeous Neapolitan Pizzerias which dot the Amalfi coast.

My first impression of Wroclaw was a very positive one. I was left amazed by the sheer beauty which this archipelago city has to offer, the fascinating museums and attractions, the mouthwatering eateries and the feel good vibe. This mixture made me return to Wroclaw another two times in less than 2 months and I’ve got future trips planned.

I loved the fact that everyone is so chill and open minded, speaks English and are very confident with the language and all possess a feel good spirit. One can see many students sitting along the banks of the many islands sharing a beer and different kinds of food while playing Flanki (this is a traditional Polish game where 2 teams try to hit an empty bottle in the middle, if hit they can drink while the other team picks the bottle up. The winner is the team that finishes their beer first). Although they gather along many banks, Slodowa Island is also known as Student Island, with many floating terraces dotting this beautiful park.

As previously mentioned, the pastel coloured buildings in the Square, remind me of bigger distant cities such as Amsterdam and Stockholm… but coming to think of it Wroclaw is somewhat better. I still can’t find the tick that gives it the edge but my first impression was that it’s a truly underrated city full of immense beauty and character — it’s the kind of city off the beaten path which you truly need to visit at least once. The way flights are makes Wroclaw the perfect city weekend getaway!

So.. let’s meet in Wro!


This is a part of the Maltese Nomad's article. He visited us in December 2017. Read more on his website.