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Wrocław Afrykarium is the only theme oceanarium devoted solely to the African fauna. On average, 2.5 thousand people visit it on the weekdays.

The idea of Wrocław Afrykarium is to present the selected ecosystems of Africa, including:

  • The Red Sea - the coral reef and the fish of the reef,
  • The Red Sea beach - desert tortoises, The African Great Lakes (Tanganyika and Malawi) - about 50 various species of fish - cichlids,
  • The Mozambique Channel - rays, hammerhead sharks, zebra sharks,
  • Eastern Africa - Nile hippopotamuses and savannah animals: dassies (elephants relatives), aardvarks (confused with anteaters), and dik-diks (one of the smallest antelopes);
  • Coast of Namibia - the exterior pools in Afrykarium, inhabited by jackass penguins and South African fur seals (sea lions’ relatives);
  • Congo River jungle - crocodiles, otters, manatees and fish - tilapias and different species of birds.

Afrykarium was built to the newest technologies, never used in Poland before. 


  • do not bring food and drinks inside so they do not fall into the aquariums, pools or enclosure and not harm the animals;
  • do not put hands in the aquariums, pools or over the fences, do not throw food and other objects because they can harm the animals or even kill them;
  • do not use flash, do not knock on glass so as not to stress the animals.


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