Imaginarium: Virtual Reality Centre

The Imaginarium is the first virtual reality centre in Wroclaw. Everybody can fulfil his dreams of flying, teleportation or a visit to the Cosmos here.

In the very centre of Wroclaw, inhabitants of every age (from 8-year-olds to over 80-year-olds) and tourists can learn about the potential of the state-of-the-art technology that revolutionises not only entertainment, but also education and business sectors.

The Imaginarium is a project created by brothers from Wroclaw: Marcin and Krzysztof Pogroszewski.

A trip to the world of virtual reality in the Imaginarium begins when the participant enters the stand with dimensions around 3x3 m. Then he puts special goggles on and takes two control devices into his hands. This set allows him to move to a selected place and to move actively around it. It usually takes a few minutes to learn primary functions and use the equipment at ease.

For example, visitors of the Imaginarium can submerge in the vibrant depths of the ocean, sightsee the solar system, stand on the top of Mount Everest, fly over New York, Tokyo or Wroclaw, create unusual 3D paintings and pictures or even use a virtual bow or… a lightsabre. With a huge number of programs, games or applications to choose from, every visitor can find something that suits his interests and age.


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